High Output LED Light Bulbs Equivalent to 150-160W Incandescent Bulb

High Lumen Output LED Light Bulbs with Standard Household Medium Base

High power LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs equivalent to 150-160W Incandescent Bulb

Standard Household Medium Base LED Light Bulb will fit in standard household light sockets. Not dimmable. Click image below for dimensions.

led light bulb dimensionsThis LED light bulb is fan cooled. We're excited to see it. We're doing something we don't normally do by posting details of this new LED light bulb before we've seen and tested it. We're doing that only because this LED light bulb comes from a factory we've worked with for a number of years and have always been satisfied with new developments

These bulbs have arrived. See below for our initial report.

Input Voltage: 110-120VAC; 50/60Hz

View Angle: 115 degrees

Power Consumption: 24 W

Housing: Aluminum Alloy and PC

Lumen Output: 2400 lumens

Color Temperature: 3500K Warm White; 6500K Daylight White


IP Rating: IP20 - Indoor use only!

CRI: Ra > 80

Dimensions: 6.5" tall x 3.6" wide (166 mm x 91 mm)

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Warranty: 2 year Prorated Warranty

April 13, 2012 - Our Initial report:

Sorry folks, these bulbs have been in test for about a week now and the early failure rate is too high for us to offer these for sale.

Pros: Wow, they're super bright! Nice color temperature. Nice, even light spread. Powerful enough to seriously light up a room when installed in a recessed can. Powerful enough to provide ambient light when put in a lamp with a shade.

Cons: Some of us here perceive these to be almost too bright. Good for a high ceiling perhaps where this blazing light would not be in your line of sight or in a shaded lamp. Not good for low ceilings or bare lamp holders. Failure rate way, way too high. Three out of twelve bulbs failed within the first hour of operation.

Final Analysis: If it sounds too good to be true, sometimes it is. The factory is working on this bulb. We'll continue to sample and test. Bookmark this page for future updates or feel free to email us at Sales@TheLEDLight.com from time to time.