The PALight Survival Light goes to Mongolia


palight led flashlightsEveryone loves our PALights! We received the following note from our customer, Lincoln Stoller, Ph. D:

"I took 15 PALights with me as gifts for the rural and the city folks I met in Mongolia. In the capital of Ulaan Boutar, where stairways are rarely lighted and elevators often stall, the lights were a hot item. In the country, where there is neither power, water, telephone or gasoline, they were really appreciated.

In one photo, Nkhbatt, the local electrician, holds a PALight in his parents' Yurt. 'Nkhbatt' means 'strong peace' in Mongolian.

In the other photo, I pose with Nkhbatt's parents, Tsanagtscruu and Hesukht, and their grandson, outside their yurt. These royal folks lived the traditional herding life north of Erdinet in northern Mongolia. palight led flashlightsThey were the in-laws of my music teacher's family, who I was visiting and who lived in the capital.

The people in Mongolia don't have many material things but they live quite comfortably.

The PALights will help them quite a bit because it's pitch black inside a sealed up yurt, and quite a few people live in each one.

Mongolia reminded me of how few things are actually necessary.

Thanks for helping me get these lights over there."

All the best,

Lincoln Stoller

You don't have to live in Mongolia to appreciate the PALights.

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