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120VAC led under cabinet lights
Coming in February, another 120VAC input LED under cabinet lighting solution. Low profile, only 0.71 inch deep, with all of the light focusing downward. Two warm tones, 2700K and 3500K.
warm tone dimming led lamps
New technology in dimmable LED lamps - warm tone dimming. These LED R30's and R40's tone down from 2700K to 2200K providing a very warm, cozy light in the dimmable range.
battery operated desk lamps
bendable flexible LED strips Battery operated LED Desk lamps have a flexible light head. Completely wireless, rechargeable and dimmable, these desk lamps can even be hung on a wall. Coming mid January. Also coming mid-January, a unique bendable flexible LED strip which eliminates the need for double ended connectors!
flush mount 120VAC led ceiling lights
120VAC input flush mount LED ceiling lights with no transformer to purchase or hide, now available in satin nickel trim. This version will fit either a 3 or 4" junction box. Installs in minutes.
23A battery holders
23A battery holders great for crafts and powering single LED lights and small lengths of flexible LED strips
led bullets
12VDC pre-wired single LED bullets are ideal for many applications. Can be pressure fitted from the back into drywall or plywood. Great for crafts, indicator lights, cabinets and curios.
ceiling light retrofits
Love your existing ceiling lights but they're too shallow to allow yoiu to use LED light bulbs? Here's the answer. LED ceiling light retrofit kits with several mounting options. 8.125" diameter by 0.75" thick with simple plug in power feed installs in minutes.
linear LED wall washers

You've asked, so now we have linear RGB LED wall washers as well as our standard rectangular LED wallwashers. Good for indoor or outdoor use. Light building facades, signs, banquet halls, malls, and so many other large areas for only 38W power consumption. Easy 120VAC plug in installation.

northstar single LED lights
Back in stock in warm white by popular demand, the single LED Northstar light
10w omni directional bulb
60W equivalent omni-directional LED light bulbs with a full 360 degree light output have more of a traditional A19 shape. 2700K warm white and 5000K daylight white.
made in the USA LED lights
It's always good news to hear of reduced regular pricing, especially when it pertains to LED lights made in the USA. Due to volume, we're able to offer you lower prices on Flush Mount LED Lights, LED wallpacks, Small LED Floodlights and Medium LED Floodlights. All are solar ready and can also be powered by a low voltage transformer.

120 LPM flexible led strips

120 LED per meter Flexible LED strip on white circuit board. High lumen output up to 293 lumens per foot. Smaller footprint (8mm wide), this is great when lighting more transparent material of where your space is limited. In stock.
temperature control for heated clothing
Zane Temperature Control for Heated Clothing - Zane has been a trusted supplier of ours for all kinds of low voltage LED lighting controls for many years. This temperature control, although not LED related, serves many of our customers for both recreational and industrial use. It is just at home on a job site with tractors and forklifts as it is in your snowmobile, motorcycle, golf cart or ATV.
linkable led cabinet lights
New economy version of our 120VAC linkable LED cabinet lights. All the same features as our high performance cabinet lights, with less lumen output. When budget is your primary concern, you now have a lower priced option.
economy led light bulbs
Economy grade A19 LED Light bulbs are multi-directional. The beam spread is 240 degrees suits most LED lamping needs. 40W and 60W equivalents.
120vac led ceiling lights
Damp Location Rated, IC Rated, UL Listed, Energy Star Qualified! All of that in a new 120VAC low profile, LED ceiling light that installs into a 4" junction box. 820 lumen output, equivalent to a 60W incandescent.
led touch control strips
LED Touch Control Strips operate at 120VAC and eliminate the need for a transformer. Modular link cords make for plug and play installation. Each bar has it's own built in touch switch. There is also a master which will turn all of the strips on and off at once.
direct replace t8 and t5 tubes
u bend led tubesNew Direct Replace T8 and T5 LED tubes, made in the USA. Six color temperatures and three base types. Also, coming in September, U Bend LED tubes also made in the USA.
adjustable led cabinet lights
Adjustable LED cabinet lights with replaceable light source. What a bright idea. Update your LED lamp or change color temperature without having to replace the fixture.
round base for night reader flexible neck lamp
Now we have a sturdy, stable round base for our Night Reader Flexible Neck LED lamp. Simply remove the C clamp the Night Reader comes with and attach the base. There is also a wall mount accessory for this popular, practical LED lamp. Special savings when you purchase both accessories.
double wide aluminum channel
When you need more light, consider double wide aluminum channel for flexible LED strips. This channel is available with either square or round cover and accommodates two rows of flexible LED strips. Great for drywall installations.
new 12vdc 12vac led bulb
New 12VDC 12VAC LED light bulbs now in stock. These are slightly larger than the original DC bulbs, 10 mm width and height (about 0.4") and slightly brighter at 5W instead of 3W. Daylight and warm white in stock.
LED puck lights
They're back! SLP-1 LED Puck Lights - These were out of production for some time due to material cost of the Corian shell. Sometimes, prices come down, and we're so happy this Made in the USA LED puck light is once again on our shelves.
gu10 led bulbs
LED GU10 bulbs - replace hot halogen bulbs with energy saving LED GU10's. Now available in two color temperatures - 3000K warm white and 5000K cool white. Bright enough to replace a 50W halogen.
crown molding
Just the smartest idea to come along in a long time ... Crown Molding specifically designed to make your LED cove lighting projects simple, easy and economical. Channel in the back to take your wiring. Ledge to accommodate your LED strips. Brilliant!
led track lighting
LED Track Lighting Packages in several types. Everything you need including the appropriate LED lamps.
New RGB Color Controllers
A whole new lineup of RGB Color controllers - New standard controllers with and without remote controls; new wall mount RGB touch panels - never lose that remote control again