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250w led bulb replacement
New BR40 LED Floodlight packs a whopping 2500 lumens and is equivalent to a 250W incandescent flood. Use it indoors or outdoors. Great for those areas where you need lots of light, like over a work table or for outdoor security.
RGBW controller
RGBW color controller - Now you can control white and RGB LED products with the same controller. Compact controller is easy to find a suitable place for. You can use this to dim white LED products and have the convenience of a remote control. Or you can install both white and RGB LED products and select your white/color options as you wish.
led 3 way bulbs
LED 3-way bulbs now available! You've asked and asked, and now we have a 30/70/100W replacement and a 50/100/150W replacement LED three way bulb at a fraction of the wattage consumption. In case you haven't been here in awhile, be aware that we have up to 150W standard socket replacements now. Wow with this brightness and uniformity!
 led wallpacks and canopy lights
Two new additions to our commercial LED lighting offerings: a LED Canopy Light and LED Wallpacks, both in line voltage up to 277 VAC. Both are offered in 40, 60 and 90W models. Great for many commercial lighting applications including hallways, exterior security lighting, car washes, warehouses, office and warehouse spaces. High performance, low maintenance, everything you expect from our LED lighting solutions.
led t10 lamps
LED T10 tube shaped lamps are great replacements for T10's in picture lights, reading lights on lecterns and pulpits, bankers lamps, anywhere you're using an incandescent T10. OK for damp locations.
colored par38 led bulbs
Colored PAR38 Bulbs in red, blue, yellow and green. The red LED PAR38 is 'sea turtle friendly' and has been certified by the FL Fish & Wildlife Commission's Wildlife friendly lighting program.
colored a19 bulbs
Colored A19 LED Bulbs in red, blue, yellow, orange and green. The red and orange A19 bulbs are 'sea turtle friendly' and have been certified by the FL Fish & Wildlife Commission's Wildlife Friendly lighting program.
new led cabinet lights
New version of our Linear LED modular cabinet lights now available. Twice as many LEDs per bar, 100 more lumens. Smart accessories also added to this popular line. Find a switch you can install right at the end of the last bar, as well as L type extensions for making power connections.
smart desk lamp
Smart Desk Lamp has a USB charge on the base. Charge your cell phone or notebook right at your desk. Available in brushed steel (shown) or bali bronze. We'll send you a free 100W equivalent Omni Directional LED light bulb and no extra charge with your purchase. $41.99 extra value.
adjustable led downlights
Adjustable and non adjustable 4" or 5-6" LED recessed can retrofits. Energy star with a 3 year warranty. Lumen output up to 1200.
new color controller
RGB Controller I has the convenience of a remote control as well as the functionality of programming buttons on the control itself. 31 modes. 8 level brightness and speed adjustment, change and pause function
LED saddle bag for bikes
led helmet markers Two new LED safety items for cyclists, the LED Saddle Bag and the Red LED Helmet Marker Plus. Inexpensive and useful gift items for any occasion.
linkable led strips 120VAC input
120VAC input, dimmable, modular LED cabinet lights are so easy to install with no transformer to find a place for. Very smooth light output, high brightness, lengths from 9 to 45" long.
LED canopy lights
LED Canopy Lights consume just 90W and produce a whopping 8,000 plus lumens. Great for lighting warehouses, parking garages, exhibit halls and general security lighting
Swivel Mounting Clips
A small but highly useful accessory for our 45" display case lights and our 9 to 34" LED cabinet lights is the new swivel mounting clip. This accessory allows you to point the light in a direction and return the LED strip back to it's original position at will. Particularly beneficial for those who use this product in machinery and lighting designers who want to highlight surfaces.
aluminum installation channel
Aluminum installation channel for flexible LED strips makes for a neat project. Available in many different shapes such as V, edge light, square, and embedded material
digital controller integrated led strips
digital flexible chasing led strip
Digital Controller Integrated Flexible LED Strip is a feature rich RGB color changing LED strip with the color controller built right into the strip. Includes a remote control. Many, many options including chase and all kinds of neat mode selections. Also new is our Digital Chasing RGB LED strip with 1140 modes. Great for very long runs, inside or out. Video on the page
battery holders
So many of you have asked. Now we have an 8AA cell battery holder which will produce 12VDC so you can power your LED lights with batteries. These battery holders have wire leads so it's easy to connect to your two wire product.
dimmable transformers
Dimmable 12V Magnetic Transformers in 60W and 150W Capacity. Now you can dim your 12VDC LED products on the line voltage side with most standard dimmers. 200W capacity now available.
floodlight holders
floodlight holdersfloodlight holdersOutdoor Flood light Holders perfect for use with our new outdoor rated PAR lamps shown directly below. Green corded flood light holder is dual mount - stake or wall. Others are quick mount and easy to install.