New LED Lighting Products - What's new in LED lighting

For the Furry Ones

LED Pet Collar Lights

led pet collar lights

Five fun colors. LED Pet Collar Lights are large enough to be seen, yet small enough not to dangle into your pet's water or food dishes.

Great for Kitchens

Very Low Profile LED Cabinet Lights

low profile LED cabinet lights

120VAC input, only 0.71" deep with all of the light focusing downwards. Two warm tones, 2700K and 3000K. Coming in March.

Cozy it Up!

Ultra Warm Dimming LED Lamps

warm tone dimming led lamps

These 2700K warm white LED lamps town down to a super warm 2200K during the dimming cycle. Ideal for restaurants and cozy home dining areas.

Take it Anywhere!

Wireless Desk Lamps

wireless led desk lamps

Battery operated LED desk lamps have a flexible head. Completely wireless, rechargeable and dimmable, they can even be wall mounted

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Scrunch it up!

Bendable Flexible LED Strips

bendable flexible led strips

Have a channel letter sign with limited space and multiple curves? Bendable flexible LED strip has a zig-zag pattern that allows tight bends.

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Replace the Uglies!

120VAC Input LED Ceiling Lights

120vac LED ceiling lights

Remove the builder specials and jazz up your spaces with easy to install flush mount ceiling lights. Choose white or satin nickel trim.

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Save Energy

Ceiling Light Retrofits

led ceiling light retrofits

Love your ceiling lights but detest paying that electric bill? 8.125" diameter by 0.75" thick LED retrofits convert your existing ceiling lights to energy savers.

Make it Stunning

Linear LED Wall Washers

linear rgb led wall washers

You've asked, so now we have linear LED Wall Washers as well as our standard rectangular wall wall washers. When you have broad space to cover, this is it!.

Conventional Looks

New Omni-Directional Bulbs

10W omni directional led light bulbs

With a shape more like a 60W incandescent, this new Omni provides a full 360 degree light output. Warm white and cool white in stock

Smaller Footprint

120 LPM Flexible LED Strips

120 led per meter flexible led strips

High lumen output, up to 293 lumens per foot. 8mm wide on white board, this is great for lighting more transparent material or when you have limited space.

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Economy LED Light Bulbs

economy led light bulbs

Multi-directional 40W and 60W equivalent LED Light Bulbs provide a 240 degree light spread. When you don't particularly need 360 degree coverage, why not save

Extra Wide

Double Row Aluminum Channel

double row aluminum channel

This isn't just a channel, it's an amazing light fixture. It will accommodate two rows of flexible LED strip and comes in either a round or square format.