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Northstar - A Single LED Light Source

Useful for many accent lighting applications, the Northstar is Made in the USA

northstar single led light
northstar single led light

Northstar Single LED Lighting Fixtures

Excellent for high moisture areas. Excellent night lighting for ceiling in hallway, atrium, bathroom, kid's bedrooms, kitchen, theater room. Excellent for spot lighting interior and exterior plants, accent/ambient lighting for RVs, boats. A very cool light for shelves and open cabinets used to highlight smaller objects. Available in appliance white housing only. Face only can be colored with latex paint to match after fine sanding. USA LED products.

  • Made from tough UL 94-VO Flame Retardant ABS plastic. White only.
  • Soft focal lighting, 40 deg LED model, or a bright spotlight with the 20 deg LED
  • Extremely low .067" profile with beveled edge
  • Excellent as guide and perimeter light around pools, walkways, decks, stairs
  • Dimensions are 1.125" bezel diameter x .94" high. Bezel is .067" thick. Stem diameter is .56" x .875" high.
  • Installs into a 9/16" opening; press it in and you're done
  • Input Voltage: 12vdc
  • Operating Voltage: 11.5 to 12.5vdc Maximum
  • Dimmable with 12vdc dimmer
  • Wire Lead length: 6 inches
  • LED Output: 20-25° - 5800-6500K, 18,000mcd Cool white @ 20mA - 2.8 watts/60 lumen - Spotlight
  • LED Output: 40-50° - 5800-6500K, 6500mcd Cool white@ 20mA - 2 watts/40 lumen - Flood light
  • LED Output: 30-40° - 3200-3800K, 6000mcd Warm white @ 20mA - 1.7 watts/30 lumen - Soft Incandescent White
  • OK for outdoor use but not for continuous submersion in pools, ponds, fountains or flood plains. Area must be well drained. Not for use inside shower stalls where water will be continuously splashing.
  • Two year warranty does not cover damage due to the above, or failure to use an appropriated regulated transformer or voltage regulator.


Narrow 20° Northstar

5800-6500 K Cool White

$8.95 each

Medium 30° Northstar

3200-3800K Warm White

$8.95 each

Wider 40° Northstar

White and Colors

$8.95 each

Order Your Power Supply

Requires an AC-DC transformer, not included. TX1A capacity 800mA will power up to 40 fixtures. $12.60 each

Yes, we have other transformers and also low voltage dimmers. Please contact us if you have questions about powering your products.

If you need something brighter, check out our larger, more powerful version of this fixture, also made in the USA

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