PALight Survival Light with Strobe - The ultimate Survivalist LED Flashlights

9V Battery LED Flashlights with optional Traffic Cone, Holster and Lanyard Accessories

Notice: November 2014 - It is with much sadness that we recently learned that our dear friend and long time supplier of the PALights, James Meyer, has passed away. It is uncertain at this time if the PALight will be available in the future. Our love and prayers with Mr. Meyer's family. He will truly be missed.
pal light led flashlights

Personal Accessory Light (PAL) Survival Light, is a must for Work or At Home Safety Program. Operates on one 9V battery. It will squeeze more life out of the 9V batteries you take out of your smoke detectors every year.

Light weight emergency strobe and standard flashlight for pilots, hikers, boaters, campers, hunters, whatever your outdoor or indoor activity is.

White and colored LEDs available. The PALight is SMALL BUT POWERFUL. and RUGGED. Click here to learn why this is one of our very favorite LED Flashlights of all times.

lowbeamAlways On mode

You can see the light is working at a glance. Reliable - it works when you need it. Lasts for about 20,000 hours in this mode on a fresh 9V battery. Easy to locate in the dark.

lowbeamLow Beam mode

Read in the dark during a power outage or when camping. Lasts about 200 hours in this mode on a fresh 9V battery. Super tool for campers, hunters, fishermen.

bright lightHigh Beam mode

Lasts over 40 hours in this mode on a fresh 9V battery. Can be seen from about 1/4 mile! Light up that trail for a safe walk, perform inspections and other simple tasks requiring a bright, white light.

strobeStrobe Light mode

Attention-getting distress signal. This is the mode that makes the PALight an indispensable lighting tool. Survival Signaling Ability instantly available with a press of the switch! Can be seen from about 1/4 mile at sea, in the mountains or deserts! 8 days of non-stop strobing on a fresh 9V battery

  • PALight is one of the first LED lights we carried. Many PALights are in service over 10+ years.
  • Shock Resistant. Not likely to break when dropped.
  • Shielded Internal Electronics. Prevents battery corrosion and extends life of the flashlight.
  • Soft Sanoprene Body. Comfortable to hold in your hand. Latex-free - hypo allergenic.
  • Metal Key clip in bottom Body for lanyards. We suggest the use of the lanyard plus the holster to prevents loss. You won't want to be without your little PAL
  • Replaceable Battery: The PALight operates on a standard 9V battery. Easy and economical to replace.
  • Weight: 3 ounces with the battery.
  • Dimensions: 2 7/8" L x 1 1/4" W x 1" Thick.
  • The band releases the bottom body for battery replacement by pressing down on the right (engraved side) and pulling the left side away from the body.
  • Due to the uncertainty of the future of the Palight company, we are not able to offer a warranty
PALights are sold out. Future supply is uncertain. Contact us if you wish to be updated.
Sorry, sold out

lanyard for PALight led flashlights The Survival’s fold-away D-ring lanyard attachment in its base makes the light shine slightly forward when hanging on a lanyard. Fishermen like this because they can tie their hooks and flies with the Survival’s light. Incidentally, many fishermen use the Survival with the green LED. Why? Best ask the fishermen!

Sorry we have no more lanyards. Any lanyard will work that has a clip for attaching to the D ring.
red cone adapter for Palight led flashlights Red Traffic Cone Adlapter slots into the rubber case over the lens. In strobe mode, the Survival becomes a visible warning light to oncoming traffic, and attracts roadside assistance.Keep a red cone in your auto with the Survival. It's also very useful when placed in Strobe Mode at the entrance to your home to help new friends or emergency services to find you. Survivals strobe for many, many hours on a fresh battery. Note: Fits easiest in the black, soft rubber PALight case. If you are purchasing this for use with a colored case you may have purchased before, be advised that the colored cases use harder rubber and attaching it requires a very strong inward push of the cone while twisting it. $2.00 each

Cone measures 2.25 inches high by 0.75 inch at the base