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Piranha LED Light Bars

Waterproof LED Light Bars

piranha led light bars

LED Light Bars enclosed in acrylic

waterproof led light barsLEDs are sealed onto the acrylic bar but not within the acrylic itself. They are highly water-resistant and bright. For any application that calls for a short, bright light source and waterproofing is a plus. You can also install the LED Light Bar in boats, planes, semi-tractors, box vans, as step lights on decks, in display counters, wherever your imagination takes you. Requires an Inline Voltage Regulator when the Acrylic Bars are to be battery powered. Use the attached double sided self adhesive tapes to secure the Acrylic LED Bar to a clean, smooth surface

rotatable mounting clips

Unique mounting clips available. Aim the LED light where you want it!.

◦LEDs: SMD/surface mount high flux type 

◦Input Voltage: 12.0vdc 

◦Current Draw: 20mA for the 3 LED bar; 40mA for the 6 LED bar 

◦View Angle: 120 degrees 

◦Wire Leads: 6 inch at both ends 

◦Dimensions: 3 LED = 2.75" x 7/8" x 7/8" Thick

◦Dimensions: 6 LED = 4 3/8 " x 7/8" x 7/8" Thick  

◦Dimensions are more or less due to waterproofing. 

Blue 470nM; Green 535nM; Red 630nM; Amber 590nM 

◦Operating Temp: -40C to +65C

Requires a transformer or voltage regulator, not included.

◦Warranty: 1 Year with proper installation and use of a regulated transformer or voltage regulator

This product is being discontinued. See our LED sign modules for an appropriate substitute.

3 LED Light Bars

Red or Green - $6.00 each

6 LED Light Bars

Amber only - $8.00 each

Mounting Clips

Rotatable Clips - $0.75 each

Yes, we have AC/DC transformers And - if you are using battery power be sure to use a voltage regulator with battery systems. Warranty does not cover over-voltage.
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