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395 nM UV Flashlight, Chrome Body


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Quick overview

 UV LED Flashlights

Ultraviolet LED Flashlights from hand held LED flashlights to sophisticated UV LED lantern kits




Powerful 395nM UV LED flashlight in a compact package which uses easy to find AAA Alkaline cells. The deep, custom reflector in this flashlight maximizes beam performance. Common uses: Biologists using Visible Implant Elastomer Tags, inspection of UV enhanced bonding agents in PVC piping and so forth, automotive AC leak detection (with appropriate tracer dyes), scorpion hunting.

Pocket sized powerful UV (UVA) light source.
High flux UV emitter technology - many times more powerful than regular LED's.
Most powerful UV chip emitter.
Custom reflector maximizes beam performance.
Special surface finishing.
Click on/off tail cap switch.
Useful battery life, typically 3 + hours (alkaline cells)
AAA cells globally available. This flashlight uses 3 AAA alkaline batteries. Batteries not included.
Includes wrist lanyard. May be black or white. It is typically black.
LED Lifetime 10,000 hours.
Physical Properties: 4.0" long, 1 1/4" diameter. Weight without batteries 2.0 oz.
Beam angle 10 degrees
Output power 200mW at 395-400nM
Numerous applications where small size and power are required.
1 Year Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Does not cover batteries, breakage or abuse.

Special Notes:

Alkaline cells recommended.
Battery carrier install positive first from rear of flashlight
Do not mix old and new batteries
Use caution - avoid direct exposure to eyes.
Not a toy! Keep out of reach of children!
Be advised that you MUST pay attention to battery installation instructions. Inserting batteries upside down will damage the light and void your warranty.