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UV LED Flashlights - Special Use LED Flashlights for Professional

NDI/NDT, forensics, pest control, counterfeit detection, blood tracker flashlights, leak detection, PVC tracer applications, professional LED flashlights for fire fighters and military

The ProFormance Flashlights are made by quality manufacturers with high-tech materials that will withstand a tremendous amount of stress, abuse and long-term, high frequency use. We stock infra-red, ultraviolet, special blue and red wavelengths, and combinations of wavelengths for specific purposes.

UV LED Flashlights

uv led flashlights

Ultraviolet LED Flashlights from hand held LED flashlights to sophisticated UV LED lantern kits


LED Crime Scene Kits

led crime scene kits

For crime scene investigations, 465nM blue LED crime scene kit or 365nM UV LED kits.


ProTAC LED Flashlights

ProTAC LED Flashlights

ProTAC is designed for EMS pros by an EMS professional. Designed with you in mind.


Night Vision Red LEDs

Night vision red led flashlights

Mil spec night vision red LED flashlights with white mode, bright red LED mode and mil spec mode.


If you do not see exactly what you are looking for in a LED crime scene kit, let us know. We have other options available and can customize a LED crime scene investigation kit for you.

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