85 Watt Project LED Floodlight

Powerful LED Floodlight for Commercial LED Lighting

LED Project Lights
led project lights


  • Optical - a) Asymmetric pattern - billboards, open field, portable emergency and similar lighting situations b) Symmetric - tunnels, gas stations, parking lots and similar applications.
  • Power - Switching mode and multiple channel constant current design to drive individual LED series connected to the circuit to ensure constant current loading. The Power factor (PF) 0.98 @ 85 watt full load. Over-heat and over-voltage protection designed with self thermal compensation ensures long LED life and optical performance.
  • Thermal - Unique thermal design achieves 55°C sink base temperature @ 30°C ambient and still-air condition, 2°C temperature variation on sink base and LED junction temperature controlled below 75°C. Lumen loss is less than 7% @ 30°C ambient and still-air condition. Overheat protection is designed to adjust LED current as sink base reaches 70°C
  • Mechanism - Dust and water protection designed at IP65. LED modularized design is easily maintained. The mounting trestle is adjustable.
  • 1 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Optical Performance Details


  • PF 0.95
  • Outline: 301x 274.1x103.2 mm - 11.86" x 10.80" x 4.06"
  • Color Temp. (Typical): 3300K/5500K
  • LEDs: 60ea Nichia 083 LED
  • Beam Angle: 60 degree
  • Light Output: 3840/4800 Lm
  • Power Specs:

    • LED driver current: 300mA
    • LED module input Voltage: 24Vdc
    • External Voltage: 90~220 Vac
    • Project Light is ready for your AC input. No transformer required.
    • Total Power: 90 Watt
    • Approximately 500 watts of light
  • Attributes:

    • Super high brightness
    • Good thermal management provides a long service life
    • Optical pattern design for lighting performance
    • Switching power design
    • No flicker or UV or IR
    • Warranty: 1 year
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