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RAB Professional Grade LED Lighting Systems for Residential and Commercial Lighting Needs

LED area lights, ceiling lights, garage lights, landscape lights, bollards, pendants, pole lights and floodlights.

Many of RAB professional grade LED lighting solutions are Buy American ACT qualified. All are LM-79/LM-80 tested to support lumen output and anticipated LED life data. Most RAB LED lighting products are short lead time, custom order. There is much to offer with many choices in light output, size, finish and lighting application. Please contact us for help if you have a specific need you do not see here. Chances are very good one of the RAB lighting products will fit your need and exceed your expectations

RAB LED Landscape Lighting

LED Bollards, LED Step Lights, LED Landscape Flood lights and Spot lights, even solar. Much to offer. Please browse the categories below. 120-277V input

RAB LED Area Lights

from 10W up to 104W; pole lighting for parking lots, parks, malls, pathways and general outdoor lighting. Some allow mounting of up to 4 heads. 120-277V input. General specifications for all LED area lights

LED parking lot lights
round led parking lot lights
led area lights with full cutoff

RAB Surface Mount LED Ceiling Lights, LED Pendants and LED Garage Lighting

Choose surface mount, hang as a pendant, and even uplight with a pendant.

Surface mount LED ceiling lights
pendant led ceiling lights
led garage lights

RAB Vaporproof LED Lighting

Wall mount, ceiling mount and blue vaporproof LED beacon lights. 120-277VAC input

blue led beacom
ceiling mount led vaporproof light
uplight led vaporproof light

RAB LED Gooseneck Lamps

With several shade options: cone, dome, straight, or use it with the light head only and no shade. 120-277V input.

cone shade
straight shade
no shade

RAB LED Motion Sensor Flood lights.

A 180 degree motion sensing option or a 180 + 360. RAB LED Spotlights with slipfitter or trunnion mounting. 120-277V input.

rab motion sensor floodlights
rab motion sensor floodlights
rab spotlights

RAB LED Flood Lights

Replace a 70W, 150W and 250W Metal Halide. There is a LED Emergency Power Out Flood light with battery backup in this line. 120-277V input

led floodlight with battery backup
led floodlight slipfitter trunnion mount
led floodlight slipfitter mount

RAB LED Wallpack Lights

5W to 104W replace up to 150W Metal Halide. Solar options and also emergency battery back up power out lights. 120-277V input.

rab led wall pack lights
led power out lights
wall mount led wallpack lights

RAB LED Ceiling Lights

High bay lights and aisle lights - 78W with 67% energy savings. 120-277VAC. Also 2x2 recessed LED panel lights and LED downlight retrofits.

led high bay light
led 2x2
led downlight retrofits
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