RG12 In-line Voltage Regulator

Produces stable, filtered 12.0 vdc with surge suppression for LEDs from 12vdc battery power sources

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RG12 In-line Voltage Regulators

Delivers true, stable and filtered 12vdc voltage with capacity up to 850mA of current draw. Cost effective solution for powering many of our LED products from higher DC voltages such as marine, automotive, recreational and power sports vehicles, solar products, lead acid 12v batteries and Class 2 type transformers (AC to DC adapters) which all produce unstable voltages from 13.5 to 17 VDC. Most 5mm LED products require a true 12.0V DC regulated power supply and therefore, these unstable voltages will damage the LEDs and cause failure.

RG12 In-line Voltage Regulator offers an input voltage range of 13.6 to 17.5 V DC allowing its use with a wide variety of applications and products. It can drive several small arrays and fixtures. This product is recommended for auto and marine use.

RG12 suppression circuitry allows a 10 amp surge for 1.2 seconds. It is then filtered, regulated and filtered again for noise and ripple leaving a clean and stable DC environment for LED use. This product is intended for LED use only.

  • Regulator turns on at 13.6v - 17.0v DC @ 1000mA Max
  • Operating Temperature -40C to +110C
  • AC/DC 12V adapters, Class 2: If RG12 is used with class 2 12VDC unregulated adapter, then current rating of Class 2 must exceed combined LED current draw by at least 20%.
  • Sleek 0.625 inch dia x 1.1 inch length allows for tight spaced installs and in-line wire placement.
  • RG12 circuitry is embedded in a highly insulating epoxy resin and encapsulated in a UL94-5VA flame retardant ABS plastic barrel housing.
  • PB Free Circuitry
  • RoHS compliant
  • Color coded wire leads makes install simple. Red/Black input from power source and white/black output to LED fixtures.
  • 30 day warranty
RG12 Voltage Regulators - $22.25 each
Buyer Beware: Use on/for products not purchased at TheLEDLight.com, or on non LED products or other devices is at the purchaser's own risk. When used in such a manner, TheLEDLight.com will not honor any warranty or product defect claim, nor will TheLEDLight.com be liable to any extent for damages to purchaser's property, equipment, non-LED lighting or other devices.