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DMX Wifi Wall Mount Zone LED Controller

Requires no software. It's a user friendly RGB LED control solution for many varieties of RGB LED lighting products.

dmx wifi wall mount controller

DMX Wifi Wall Controller for RGB LED Lighting

Here you have a professional level lighting control with preprogrammed and custom settings. Multiple zones can be controlled. Intuitive and attractive, it can also be wifi controlled through Android and Apple iOS devices. Expandability is limitless. It comes with 10 presets, a custom color picker and management of up to four zones.

Controller is priced at $179.00 and Includes:

  • Square-Pro Junction box which enables a clean in-wall installation
  • RJ45 Splice Cable to create an RJ45 connection from the controller
  • RJ45 Coupler which connects the RJ45 Splice Cable to an RJ45 ethernet cable which runs to the DMX light fixture

You will also need a constant voltage power supply and possibly other accessories.

Input Voltage: 12-24VDC

Output Voltage: 12-24VDC

Indoor use only

1 Year Warranty

See spec sheet and installation guides

Please let us help you to customize your Wifi control. The package you will need will depend upon what RGB LED product or products you are going to install, how much of it, and how many zones. Please contact us to have your customized package quoted.

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