LED Lighting Controls - Standard RGB LED Color Controllers

RGB LED Controller with and without remote control; touch wheel controllers, audio controllers and button select remote controllers

18 amp data repeater

RGB Color Controller Tech Tip - Use a RGB Data Repeater to reduce signal degradation. Works with any of the color controllers on this page.

Long runs for RGB LED products are no longer a problem. Reduce the amount of home run wiring by bridging your RGB flexible strip, in ground RGB lights or RGB LED modules to make long, continuous runs. Use with all of our RGB Color Controllers. Max Load, 5A per channel - total of 3 channels. input signal PWM; Input voltage DC5V~DC24V; Max load current 5A ×3CH Max 15A; Max output power 75W/180W/360W (5V/12V/24V); working temperature -30C ~ 55C ambient; Dimensions 4 7/8" L x 1.5" W x 1.5" H, 5 year warranty. Instruction Manual

RGB Repeater 15 Amp Capacity $32.60 each

RGB Controller KRGB Controller K

If you've been using our RGB Controller B, you may want to try this updated version. This multi-functional RGB LED controller includes PWM control. 16 modes. Buttons on the controller and also supplied with a remote control that works from about 100 meters. . 3 channels, 6 amps per channel. 12VDC-24VDC input. Maximum output power 216W (12VDC) or 432W (24VDC). Dimensions: 8.3" L x 1.6" W x 1.2" H. 5 year warranty. See full spec sheet.

RGB Controller K with Remote - $49.50
Spare Batteries - Type 23A 12V - $3.00 each

rgb color controller LRGB Controller L

If you've been using our Controller C, this is the updated color controller for you. Built in 32 modes with PWM control. 8 touch buttons. 5 - 24VDC input. 3 channels, 6 amps per channel. Dimensions: 8.3" x 1.6" x 1.2". There is no remote control with this controller. 5 year warranty. See full specifications.

RGB Controller L - 18 Amp Capacity - no remote control - $39.00 each

controller Mm3 remoteRGB Controller M and N

If you've been using our RGB Color Controller J or I, here is a replacement product with some neat new features. The remote includes a wall bracket. No more hunting for the remote control. This is a mini-controller measuring only 4.1" L x 2.3" w x 0.35" H. Input 12 or 24 VDC. 3 channels, 3 amps per channel. Gray scale level max 4096x4096x4096. Remote distance 40-50 meters. This controller and remote will handle your white LED products as well as your RGB color changing products. 5 year warranty. See full specs.

Choose Controller M if you want this Remote

M3 remote

Choose Controller N if you want this Remote

color controller N

RGB Controller M or N - 9 Amp Capacity - Includes Remote - $35.50
Spare Battery - Type CR2032 - $1.00 each
RGB Audio Controller

RGB Audio Controller

RGB color changing lights pulse in time with music. Specifications and instruction sheets . 13 color changing options, brightness, and speed control. Supply voltage 12-24VDC - note that 5VDC and 18VDC shown on spec sheet are special order. Contact us if needed. This is the color controller to choose if you want remote dimming. It is not necessary to use the audio functions. Capacity: 144 watts 12 Amps at 12VDC; 288 watts 12 Amps at 24VDC. 3 channels, 4A max per channel.

RGB Audio Controller - 12 Amp Capacity - $37.00 each