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Single LED Products

Single LEDs - 12V LEDs - Pre-Wired LEDs - LEDs set up for 12vdc operation. All you need to power these LED lights is an AC-DC transformer with 12VDC output or a stable 12VDC battery source (use voltage regulator)

MicroStar LEDs

MicroStar Single LED Lights

Bright, shiny 'star' lights that can be used ust about anywhere: Rocks, ceilings, walls, furniture, water features. White and colors.

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northstar leds

Northstar Single LED Lights

Provides soft focal lighting or a narrow bright punch of light depending on view angle selected. White and colors. Made in the USA.

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solar ready single led lights

Single Cree LED Flush Mounts

Larger diameter than the Northstar, these single Cree LED flush mount fixturs can be used anywhere and are safe for batter operation. Made in the USA.

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led bullets

Heading Two Text

Bullet type LED lights are pre-wired for 12VDC. White, amber, red, blue and green. Made in the USA.

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panel mount single leds

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Chromed bezel, threaded shank with a lock washer and nut. Resistorized and wired for 12VDC. Colors only. Made in the USA

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