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How to make your own Solar Power Stations for LED Lighting


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Quick overview

Solar Power

It's easier than you may think to

build your own solar power station.

We have lights especially for solar.


How to make your own Solar Power Stations for LED Lighting

Use the sun's natural and free energy to store power for back-up lighting when the grid source fails. Solar Power Stations for Off Grid, LED Billboard Lighting, LED Sign Lighting

It's easier than you may think to design your own solar power station with some basic components. A power station with a 10 Amp capacity would include the following:

  • Sunlight 10 timer/controller - More reliable than a photo sensor
  • NEMA rated 3R Metal Box
  • Enclosure measuring 12 3/8" x 12 1/4" x 6 1/2" is large enough to accommodate additional batteries if necessary
  • One 12V 8AH flooded battery
  • Solar Ready Light fixtures and solar panels
  • Conduit, wire, and miscellaneous installation supplies

You or your electrician can easily obtain this shopping list at your local electrical supply house

Which LED Lights to Use with your Solar Power Station

You'll have fewer headaches if you use LED light fixtures which are 'solar ready'. That means the fixture was specifically designed to take an occasional voltage spike without burning the LEDs. These Solar Safe LED Lights are solar ready and can be used with any battery system including wind generators and RV systems.