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Emergency XENON USCG Approved Strobe Lights - LED strobe lights

USCG Approved Xenon Strobes for firefighters, boaters, divers, campers, law enforcement, hikers, motorists. 3 mile visibility range. Helps lost campers, hikers and hunters. A must have for children in wilderness areas.

red and yellow xenon strobe lights

USCG Approved Emergency Strobe Lights

Clear Lens is USCG Approved. Operates on one "D" cell alkaline battery (not included);

Flashes 50-60 times per minute for 8-12 hours and then automatically switches down to 20-30 flashes per minute for another 8 hour shift

Visible up to 3 miles; High impact waterproof (to 12 feet) case. Stainless steel clip for webbing, straps or a belt, bottom has bayonet fitting to accept accessories; Additional colored lenses and accessories available such as magnets, threaded adaptors, traffic cone adaptors, or wind proof base for helicopter landings. Durable Reed On-Off switch; 1 year warranty. Xenon Module rated for 2,000 hours at 1.5VDC.

Not a dive light! Divers, see our flashlight/strobe combination below

USCG Approved Strobe Lights

Red Body Clear Lens

Strobe Lights

Yellow Body Yellow Lens

amber lens

Amber Lens $3.50

blue lens

Blue Lens $3.50

clear lens

Clear Lens $3.50

green lens

Green Lens $3.50

red lens

Red Lens $3.50

replacement modules for strobes

1.5VDC replacement strobe model only fits the strobes above. Does not fit the flashlight/strobe combination offered below. Use new D Cell Alkaline batteries for best results. 1 year warranty.


20 lb pull magnet

20 lb pull magnet. The strobes have a bayonet twist lock fitting on the bottom. These small magnetic bases are ideal for securing the magnet to the metal rooftop of a disabled vehicle.


80 lb pull magnet

80 lb. pull magnet side clip attachment. You cannot pull this magnet straight off a steel surface! All Police, Fire/Rescue, and commercial applications need this mounting system. Magnet only, does not include strobe.


adaptor for strobes

Adaptor for securing strobes; twist on bayonet to strobe base. 1/4"-20 female thread. Does not include bolt


traffic cone adapter

Traffic Cone Adaptor for Strobes; Twist on bayonet base. Expands into 1.0" minimum sized hole in top of most traffic cones. Strobe not included


windproof adapter

Wind-Proof Adaptor for Strobes; Nickel plated steel with twist lock. Suitable for high wind applications such as helicopter landing zones, or for roadway applications. Strobe not included


flashlight strobe combination

Rescue Strobe Light and High Intensity Flashlight Combination

  • Ideal for motorists, boaters, hunters, hikers, joggers, skiers, divers .. anyone! This strobe flashlight combination replaces the use of dangerous flares. The Xenon bulb flashes more than 60 times per minute for up to 16 hours and continues at a diminishing rate for many more hours. This light can be your life saver.
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries; Acrylic lens/ABS body; Comes in yellow.
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters. Waterproof magnetic reed switch; Compact: 1.83" OD x 5.3" L; Weighs just 4 oz. without batteries. It floats if dropped on the surface.
  • Includes a red filter which blocks 60% of white light for superior night vision; Flashlight bulb is a Phillips Krypton 2.2V bulb; 1 year warranty. Module rated for 2,000 hours at 1.5VDC
  • Lenses and accessories above do NOT fit this light.
  • We stock yellow body. Orange and black body available by special order, case lots only, min 12 pieces. Contact us for help..
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