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LED Information and Technical Data

Links to LED technical data, wiring diagrams, general information about LEDs

Helpful information on how to work with LED products, wiring diagrams, information and terminology about LEDs in general, and LED application ideas

Our LED Tech Notes - Working with products you have purchased from us:

LED Definitions and Common Terms

  • What IS ... a compilation of definitions for LED words and terms as used on this website. Written in the language we speak and write with.
  • LEDucation - more basic information about LEDs
  • Color Chart nM or Nanometer - Wavelength color chart
  • PWM - Pulse Width Modulation. What is PWM?
  • CRI - Chromaticity - What is CRI?
  • Lumens - What do I need to know about lumen output?
  • IP Ratings - IP Rating Chart
  • Our Blogs may be helpful to you. Check out the blog tag index for particular subject matter or browse the entire blog site.

LED Information for who wish to build their own LED products - See note below

  • Do It Yourself How to wire 3 and 5mm LEDs
  • Resistance Calculator: A helpful tool for calculating resistance
  • Battery Technical Data - For battery sizes and capacities we suggest you search a site such as or your favorite battery brand.
  • LED Application Notes - More basics, information about color, intensity, visibility, operating life, voltage, precautions when working with LEDs

LED Applications

  • Our growing LED Applications section is chock full of ideas on how to use LED lighting practically, efficiently, and cost effectively.

For the visitor who wishes to build his or her own LED products, we are not able to provide more specific 'how to' information. Please read the information provided on the links above as well as the detailed spec sheets for the specific LED you want to use and the driver if applicable.

If you have a larger project and are willing to invest in engineering retainer fees, please contact us. We may be able to assist depending upon the scope and nature of your product.