's Customer Feedback Page ... not just testimonials. Happy customers!

What you think about our products and our company is very important to us, and we listen. Tell us what you're looking for in LED Technology. Tell us how you use our products and let us know how well we have served you. Email us.

We're flexible when processing your orders. Rarely will we tell you 'we can't'. We wrote: Hi Mike, Received the request to modify your order. Corrected invoice is attached. We'll email your tracking number later today. Thank you for your business - we appreciate it very much. Customer wrote: Mary, Thank you very much. What a great company you have!, MIke L.

That's ok Mary I'll just take one red led baton. Thankyou so much. Please just cancel my other red and green light. You all have such great customer service. Duane from Hawaii - Once in awhile we're out of stock on an item but can frequently offer a suitable alternative. Thanks for the good words, Duane!

Hi Mary, I just spoke with Brittney, I asked if I could speak to her supervisor because you must already know how great and knowledgeable she is about everything you sell. She helped me on a project. I hope you guys know the value of having someone that knows what she is selling and what I need for this project. That will make me buy from you guys alone. Even if I have to pay more because any question I asked she just knew the answer. She is fabulous and thanks for all you guys help. thanks so much Wayne Hurley

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for your help, the package containing my led's arrived safely today and are perfect for the job. (repairing my stage lighting) I will highly recommend your company to anyone who asks and am very pleased with your service. Thanks again and have a great Christmas . Best wishes from Scotland. Dave

To our rep John Cody: I have never had a company have their buying experience be so flawless, painless, and efficient! Congratulations, really. I am very impressed. Bob Crane

Mary, Received the Ultra Slim light today and it's already installed.  The light is so bright and so even.  I swapped the dimmer that was on the puck lights and used it on the Ultra Slim since the puck lights are perfect with no need to dim.  The light is so well-named.  Love the clip-type mounting brackets. They make it a LOT easier to install and center.  The pigtail worked perfectly too. I think that gets me caught up for now but I feel sure we'll talk again - soon. Again, you guys have great products and even better customer service. Whatever you're doing, keep it up.  It's working..! Graham "...a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!" Ronaldus Magnus-1964

Communication was pleasant and efficient (these people must do nothing else). The product arrived quickly, on the short side of the estimated time, even to remote Canada, and was securely packaged in a way that damage was, I am sure, all but impossible. The LED bulbs and flashlight exceeded expectations. Will do more purchasing here. Craig F

Wow, these are wicked bright. Here they are lighting up my radio-controlled model plane at night. The nice thing about them is that they can handle being connected directly to the 3.8V batteries we use for powering the motor, without resistors or regulators, and they don't burn out or quench from being overdriven. Can't wait to try night-flying with it. I posted a link to these LEDs on your site to one of the on-line forums about night flying. Hope that's ok. David Webmaster note: Thank you very much for that, David. Click to enlarge the image. David used 5mm LEDs.

A couple months ago I ordered some LED lights to install on the semi trailer for the high school band. I promised a couple pictures and thought you could use a chuckle. The lights were exactly the right size to do what we install in the eyes on the fox logo so they would glow red. We made a simple system with 2 6v lantern batteries in series, added the little voltage regulator on the output side and voila! Wicked red eyes. Enjoy the pictures and accept our sincere thanks for your help with the lights. They are perfect for what we wanted...and they are QUITE a hit!. Chris Cothran To see photos and more detail, click here.

Have been notified of your credit as I again have ordered more lights from your fine company.  You are such great people to do business with.  Lester went out of his way to get some lights in the mail Red Label.  I am impulsive and act quickly when I have to and you guys seem to be able to keep up with me.  My business sometimes depends on you and you are entirely reliable.  Many thanks to all of you. Nick N

Sorry I miss placed my order number, but that doesn't matter.  I placed an order over the weekend from the bargain basement section, I got the confirmation on Monday it was complete and on its way.  It arrived today (Wednesday) by lunchtime.  I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of that so quickly and my order was exactly as advertised and even had a good battery so it was ready to uses. Thanks so much, Lee

I’m a miniature hobbyist  and enjoy your product line and your great shows....thx Clifford Bryan

Kathy, attached are the of the completed bar with the lit top. I would like to place another order of LED strips for our wall we want to do. Tom D, Grand Heritage Hotel

Thanks again for your help with my LED lights and project.  I received the lights this week and am sending you a picture of my stained glass with the lights.  Not like seeing it in person, but I am very pleased with the results. Fran

Hi Kathy, This is a picture of the art piece that we hung at Lansing Capital City Airport using LED Tape Lighting. Lee Klein.

Hi Kathy, Thanks for all your help with ordering these lights. They worked out GREAT and the piece has been dedicated by the City of Denver. Here are some pics. Kevin Curry

Local customer Joshua Root has found all kinds of things to do with our products: Hi Sherry, A little extra. Sign lighting in my Van back windows. RGB strip and Audio RGB controller for some extra fun on my sound system! See his application photos here.

You guys are fast shipping rockers! Ordered late one night - on the doorstep in a day and a half. Made a first visit to your Carson store late June. Took home a bit of ribbon and some novelties. We remember your friendliness. Steve and Deb Tillson

I just received the replacement bulbsto be used in our bicycle lights. If you remember, I ordered the wrong LED and asked for an exchange. I wish to report to you that the replacements work perfectly and really create a difference when held next to the old light even in the daytime. What a great product. Thank you for the product, technical advice and acceptance of the return.Smooth Sailing,Ric G, Carlyle, Illinois

Jim, Thanks for taking the time to help me with my order yesterday.I look forward to how great the led lights will look and they should be fun to install. Hopefully we will be “bright” enough to figure it all out! HA

It is always nice to find helpful people through the internet. I will be sure to share your company with anyone who is interested in your lights. My guess is that you generally supply the commercial industry or lighting designer types…not average folk like me. But you treated me just the same and I really appreciate it. Regards,Cassandra G

Every time I browse the siteI buy something. I'm also a gadget freak and I am also trying to cut power consumption on my boat. I've received great service and great communication. The Led Light Company is a pleasure to do business with. Thanks,DR

I merely wanted to statethat after browsing your site, as a man who is a gadget-freak and technician by trade, I like your products and even more, the installation instructions and support. I appreciate the fact the descriptions state more than just the “off the box “ descriptions and warnings that “this item may not work for (given situation) and you may wish to choose a different item” or something like that. Keeping customers from realizing after they receive the product that its not adequate for their given situation. I understand the difficulties of “E-Buisness” and describing the item is not so easy ESPECIALLY with lighting products. So keep up the good work and keep up the TECH support sections with the install instructions put plainly there with no tampering so there is no question. We lose things like that sometimes. Especially when theres a 10 month old running around picking things up and eating them : ) Good luck with your business. There’s nothing like good ol capitalism.RW

Just plain happy :-)Mary, Received my order today. All merchandise is exactly as expected. Thank you so much for your personalized assistance during this particular order. It was truly appreciated. I will most assuredly buy from your company again and encourage others to do so (which I already have!) in the future. Thanks again Mary. Sincerely, BA

About the EverLED Classic Bulb: "HI! I don't know who else to tell so I'm telling you. I have an old flashlight from 1965 called a u.s.a. swivelhead flashlite It Is nice but not bright anymore. Tthe yellow light that comes from It is pityful. I have even tried Kripton bulbs and still a dull yellow beam. so It sat on a shelf In my house looking nice but not usable. I have just got the one watt Classic Side Emitter EverLED that you have and wow! Your lights can turn any antque flashlight into a burst of light. THANK YOU. JOEL"

Solar Power Stations:"I just have to say that after 40 years of asking the power company, the town, the state and everyone else I could, to provide power to my sign at the bottom of the hill to no avail. I even burned out 3 generators from constant use. I finally have them thanks to you guys. I drive down the hill at 2am just to see the sign lit up. The LEDS do a great job. I even have the solar panel and box mounted on a pole over 100' away from the sign. Thanks for all the help and thanks for LED's, without them I would be in the dark. Jon pratt"

From Canada(Order shipped via Express Mail 2/21, arrived 2/24). "LOL Its freaking Mail.. I was expecting 1 -2 weeks.. Got them today...Sweetness.. Bright as heck...Just what I wanted/needed... Thanks, Joe, Satisfied customer ... As long as they dont fry in 1 week :)"We haven't heard from Joe yet, so presumably they didn't "fry" :-)

Can I add to my order??"Thanks a lot. I will recommend your good business practices to my co-workers. I appreciate your timely response and your good service and will order again when my needs arise. Thanx. Have a good day. Al
Webmaster's note: If you need to change the method of shipment or need to add something, we will do our best to help you without your having to place a new order. Justemail usfor help.

Shipping Time Feedback from Australia:(Package went Express Mail) I just wanted to thank you all so very much for your excellent and speedy service. My X5 has arrive here this morning in less than a week from when it was ordered. It's great to see such excellent service.S. Holmes.

About Traffic Batons:Just wanted to tell you I received the 14 led traffic baton. It is really nice, lightweight, and very bright. The beam end of the light is a nice feature too as it can be used to point at an individual person or vehicle. It is vert much nicer and lighter in weight than the one I had from one of your competitors.F Bridge

From the UK about Solar Power House Numbers:I really must thank you for the speedy, efficiency and ease to put the lights in . They arrived within three days of me placing the order. I am certain that many people having seen our numbers will enquire where I purchased them from. I shall not hesitate in giving them your address. I can't wait for night! Have a wonderful week-end.M. Roodyn
Webmaster's Note:The LED Light maintains an account with the US Postal Service much like any other shipper such as FedEx or UPS. That gives us a "known shipper" designation which may help packages to clear customs more easily than shippers without such a US Mail Account.

About our FlareAlert
I had an opportunity to try the Flare Alerts and am convinced that they will serve the purpose for which I intended them. I travel the State of Georgia in the course of my job and often run across accidents in which an Emergency Lane Closure is needed. Some of these are at night. In the evaluation, I placed the Flare Alert as if to close a single lane and to close the entire roadway. I found that your product makes the night time closure a much safer operation due to the ability of being able to set them out and leave them alone and not have to baby sit as you would with the fusee type flares. The fear of fire is always an issue with the fusee type and the danger of having to replace the burned out fusee is gone with your product. What made me contact you in the first place was me working an accident in which I had to close the entire road for a period of 41/2 hours. Needless to say I burned several of the fusee type flares and thought something must be better than what we currently use. I displayed the Flare Alert for management and they were as impressed as well. Today I had an order placed for 3 more sets of 6, and plan to order 3 more in the very near future. I also have sent the information that I have provided you to other areas of the Department in hopes that they will feel the same as I do about your product.Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate Flare Alert.Richard Wall, Pavement Marking Manager Asst., GA Dept. of Transportation, Forest Park Ga. 30297

Thank you so very muchfor your prompt shipment of the re-order of the cliplight we needed for my son for camp (invoice #71296 on 6/23/05). It arrived Saturday and it is just what he needed! You can be assured that both my son and I will mention to our friends. We will sing your praises due to your excellent customer service. It has been a refreshing change from all the runarounds I have experienced lately at local stores and other internet vendors.J Loeb

From Scotland:Thank you very much I received my goods on Friday in perfect condition. They have been installed and we are very pleased with them. Can I just say that you made the ordering and the follow up to receiving the order hassle free, again I would like to say thank you very much for the service we received from your company and would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends.Sheena Nisbet.

From Australia:Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived yesterday - sooner than I thought it would given shipping to Australia. Thank you very much for your prompt, efficient and professional service. It was a pleasure dealing with you.P Dolecki

Product needed on a date certain:"My order arrived today, thank you! I am very pleased with the product and I am especially pleased with the outstanding customer service I received. Well done!"R Holcomb, California

From Hawaii: "You folks have great products and outstanding customer service! Great follow-up with emails and orders ship out fast at very reasonable prices; especially to Hawaii. I enjoy doing business with your company!Sincerely,D Andres"

From an APO Customer:I got my shipment in yesterday (4 days transit time) and I just want to say thank you for fast response in e-mails and also the fastest delivery time to my location. I will recommend this site to any one looking for some LED's and I will buy more stuff as more projects come up. Have a good one. Thanks,Max

Just placed an order with you a few minutes ago, but forgot one of the most important things to tell you. You are doing a great service by giving the military free shipping. It was one of the things I noticed right off the bat at your website. It is also one of the reasons I stayed and looked over the site. This offer of free shipping for them is very important to me, and I wanted to thank you for providing it to our military. I am sure you get it back in business, and it is one of the big reasons you got my business. I just wanted to thank you guys (and gals) for doing that.D White, Denver CO

From a US Military Customer: "Just wanted to thank you for puting out a great website on what I believe to be the future of flashlights. I am in the US Navy stationed aboard the fast attack submarine USS Seawolf. While at periscope depth at night, night vision is highly valued and working in the dark is always difficult. We are always in search of a better solution. I am the Navigation Division Officer and the quartermasters just got received an Excellent on a recent inspection and I felt the need to reward them with these flashlights to make their life a little easier. We will be forward deployed soon, so any extra attention to my order would be appreciated. Thank you very much.Respectfully,LT Neil Steinhagen, USN

From an International Customer: "Thank you very much for your feed back and the courteous and professional manner in which your company handled my order. I frequently order from the US and I am quite accustomed to the precautions associated with international credit card orders. I myself appreciate and agree with such security measures for my own protection. Looking forward to receiving your products and doing more business with your organization. Regards,M. Elrayes."

About the EverLED Modules: "A few months ago, I purchased one of your EverLed PRreplacement(white) lamps. I use it in a 3 D-cell. This led is by far the most versatile and fantastic flashlight led I have ever experienced. Not to mention, the brightest and whitest led in my experience. If it only lasts half as long as claimed, I would still be pleased. Even though I am an electronics technician, it is hard to imagine how you placed the necessary electronics, within the small case of the lamp body. Everyone I show it to is very impressed. When the need arises, I will not hesitate to purchase another EverLed. Well done, indeed. The price is *well* worth the return I get, in performance."Sincerely, Rick R., Portland, Oregon

About making a change to an order: "Thank you very much for making this change easy and painless for me. You have taken a great weight off my mind and I am sure I will have the christmas pressie on time. I really appreicate the level of personal Customer Support your company provides. It is so refreshing ! I will recommend you to all my friends." Orla

I am a first time customerand user of your website and I REALLY appreciate the ease with which I could browse, make my selection, and place the order. Please have training sessions for other sites that make it difficult for a web dummy to use.
Sincerely,Beverley F

We have just finished a tour of your web site.We thank you very much for it. It is well laid out, and contains much information. We throughly enjoyed the couple of hours we spent there. Thanks,R Wise, Rotary Engine Research Inc

About Cabin Lights and LED Bricks"Hi, just wanted you to know the lights work GREAT!!! We will take pictures when we can, kinda dark right now. We told all our friends you will likely be hearing from them. Thanks!"MM, Alaska

About EverLED Modules:"I just recieved my white Everled from you today! WOW! What a great conversion from standard incandescent bulbs. I have installed mine in my 3-C cell. I'm sure I'll be buying at least one more in the future. Also, thanks for the prompt shipping. Keep up the good work! P.S. You really should advertise these as made in the USA. That's the icing on the cake--American quality!!Ed R, Rochelle, Illinois

About our LED Traffic Batons:"My name Is Michael Pool and I am the Captain / Coordinator for the Southgate Police Reserve in Michigan. I had placed an order with your company andsome of your competitors for L.E.D. traffic batons. I was amazed how different your product was. It is the finest traffic baton that we have been able to find. Could you please quote me a price for 15 units of the BD TrafficBaton RED14. Please include the cost of the shipping in the quote. Thank you once again for selling such a great product."

From Japan:I wrote to you a few days ago asking if I had been sent what I really ordered. Just recieved the package today, and am truly happy with it , just as you assured me. I was a bit confused with one of the e-mails I recieved from you, but after a close look, undestood it. My sincere apologies for not trusting you all the way, or if I have created any extra hassle for you. This is the first Arc flashlight I have bought. Truly satisfied. I will happily recommend you to anyone over here in Japan who may be interested in one of these beautiful products. Thanks for your excellent service.T. Konishi, Japan

From the UK:Got the frisbee and light clips, they are really cool! One happy customer! Thanks for all your help... p.s. pretty impressed at how quickly it got here! (Door to door, 1 week. This is typical for packages going to the UK.)Jackie

From the Persian Gulf -Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say "thanks". The Inova lights are awesome, and your shipping time was nothing short of astounding. Can I order Pizza and spare radar parts? You just beat the Navy's supply line to the Persian Gulf by about twenty days...

Just a quick note to say thanks for the Inova X5 UV LED…Often you can buy a product on-line and be disappointed. The X5 exceeded my expectations in all regards. It was packaged superbly, came with the batteries, and the build quality and performance of the unit is absolutely first class… Thanks once again…
Kind regards,Simon C, North Carolina

Everled Replacement Bulbs:
I just received the EVERLED's I ordered from your firm. I just wanted to tell you it was the best item I've come across in years. It made mypractical again. You should sell a million.
Thank you very much,

From the UK:
"This is not a request for help, I just thought that I ought to compliment you on your excellent service. I only ordered my LED replacement flashlight bulb (PEZ Bulb) on Monday and I was very pleasantly surprised to receive it this morning (Thursday). It really does work rather well -- it is in a lantern and it gives a really good bright white light. It is far superior to the incandescent lamp that I replaced with it. I would say that it gives out about the same amount of light with its 4.5volts plus a dummy cell as did the old incandescent lamp on 6volts. Basically, I am totally satisfied with my purchase -- thanks.
Yours sincerely,J Rainbird, United Kingdom."
Webmaster's note:Wow! This package made it to the UK faster than some domestic ground shipments! Great job, Parcel Force!

You guys are incredible!
I thank you very much for getting those to me as fast as you did. Your customer for life,
B Thompson
P.S. the ZZZ...Light was for my 2 yr. old. HE absolutely loves that light. He looks forward to it every night, he lays in bed and says the colors until he falls asleep. Thank you

From Australia
Thank you very much for sending my LW4000 flashlight so quickly. I do a fair bit of camping and have killed more batteries than I care to remember, so I'm looking forward to longer battery life. The flashlight produces a good amount of light but is fairly blue. This is no problem and still looks better than the yellowish light from my old one. I read a review of the LW4000 on another website and they stated that the 3000 was preferable because it was not as heavy or bulky as the 4000. I have not found the 4000 to be too heavy or bulky at all. It's just right. I will be recommending this site to others and I will surely purchase more products from you in the future.
Troy G., Brisbane Australia

LED Bulb Replacements
I wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with my recent purchase of a 110V 6 LED Bulb, product #AC6. I used it to replace a 20W standard bulb in a reading lamp attached to the headboard on my bed. The incandescent bulb made the metal shade on the lamp uncomfortably hot to the touch if I cam in contact with it. The directional light produced by the LEDs is perfect for reading and is less harsh on the eyes if I need to get up in the middle of the night. I also find the blueish-white color temperature very pleasing. I'm looking at other places in my home where I might be able to use some of your products. Before purchasing the AC6, I was concerned about possible RF emissions because late at night I like to listen to an AM radio station in Los Angeles which is about 400 miles from San Francisco. Due to variations in atmospheric propagation the signal is sometimes very weak, so I was a little concerned about the circuitry in an AC LED fixture putting out any noise which might make listening impossible. My radio is on a night stand about 4' away from where I have the AC6. I'm happy to report that just as you say in your online catalog, there is no additional noise induced by your product. Thanks also for the speedy service!
Jim C, San Francisco CA

"A few days ago I ordered a LED Head light and a hard hat strap to be sent to my husband who is deployed. I commend your company for showing your support to our troops through your free shipping to APO Adresses. I got to talk to my husband briefly today, and he just received his LED Light. He was very excited and said it was exactly what he had been looking for. I am very pleased about your company, your policies and your customer service. Not to mention the speedy shipping handling of the order.
Again, thank you very much,
Lucy Howard"

"Mary! These things are as handy as a pocket on a shirt, I'll keep them!" (Infinity Task Lights ordered by mistake)Tyrone, Austin TX

"Received order today. I really do appreciate the prompt service. You will be getting more orders from us in the future. Thank you!"R.B. Butler, Memphis TNThis order got from NV to TN in two days thanks to the amazin' USPS!

"Hi Mary, My flashlights have now arrived. What a wonderful product, I will be putting in an order for some more shortly, my friends are just amazed at how good they (Inova X5 Tacticals) are and would like one. Thank you."A Le Chevalier, United Kingdom

"Anyway, I really enjoy your website, newsletter, & products. I constantly use the LED headlamp I bought from you for night flourescent rock collecting among other things. It took an entire year before the batteries were drained. The light output from just 7 leds is quite impressive. Keep up the great work,Steve G, New Jersey"

"Your package arrived this morning - shipped 23rd of september, delivered here in the south of France 2nd of october... The lights are great, just as advertised, and better than I expected !"
J Parlane, France

"USPS Priority is fastest up here. And THANKS for my previous order! FAST, well packed, good stuff."Clyde J, Wisconsin

"I tell you I love these lights. I now have one of your eternal lights in each of my cars as part of survival kits I put together. In the North West you can never be too sure what you will run into between earthquakes and snow storms. I have thrown away all my regular flashlights and replaced them with LED lights as part of my survival equipment, as I know these will work when I
need them, overtime."
Edward S, Washington

"These are gifts. Please let me know when the order ships. You folks are still the best place around to get LED lighting!"
Jeffrey W, Alabama

I've dealt with your company before so I expected good service - and I got it! Goods arrived this am." Package shipped to the UK July 30th, got there August 2!
Tony S-D, United Kingdom

"I have now purchased about $300 in lights from your company. I am COMPLETELY satisfied, both in function and design. All my incandescent flashlights have now been replaced by your LED ones. They are brighter, lighter, and MUCH more durable and dependable. I have wasted so much time and money replacing AA's and bulbs in my.. no more.
Thanks for a great company and a fantastic line-up of products.
Doug Fox
Arcade Machine Repair

Oops, we made a mistake
Thank you so much for promptly taking care of this matter. What great customer service. I wore the Trident head lamp for nearly 4 hours today while crawling under a customer's house. What a wonderful product. I'll be sure to let my friends know where to get their own.L Heet

Serum Run 2002
Hello Patrick. I just saw your e-mail to my husband. He's out at our cabin for a few days but the e-mail reminded me that I wanted to write. Kent gave me one of the eternaLight Ergo's. Most of them he gave out to the snowmachiners, but he gave me one to try too. I was one of the mushers. I didn't use it as a headlight, but I used it around camp doing dog chores. I used it while preparing the dogs meals and feeding the dogs. I used it while strawing and coating the dogs at night. I used it while sorting gear. I tried to use it to check feet, but it swung a little too much. I used it if I got up for anything in the night. In short, it was my camp light and I absolutely loved it! And, the mushers who didn't have one would walk by me, ask about my light, and comment on how much they liked it. My husband was very envious. I had a chance to look at the headlights, but not try one. So I'll look at your web site too. Your product is far superior to theandones thatcarries. If you ever have questions about how a product might work for mushers, just call or e-mail. Thank you very much for supporting the Serum Run!Ruth Wood, Alaska.

"I'm a fire-fighter in the UK Fire Service Search and Rescue Team and last year went to the Indian earthquake. On previous missions, we have had to carry many batteries to allow us to search for victims at night or under the debris. We used regular "head torches" which took three AA batteries. Until I started to used by EternaLight Marine and EternaLight X-Ray. Both gave great light output and I never had to change the batteries once! We were there for a week and many of my friends were very impressed by the lights. Ihave since bought the Infinity LED Task Light and the Stylus LED Penlights. I have sent a link to your website to many of my friends. I hope they find them as useful as I did."
K. Diyar

"I am assigned to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Recently our boss gave each of us a light that your company provided. Let me first say thank you. The light allows us to get around in our tents and through the night trips throughout camp. Secondly, thank you for providing us with the lights and for supporting the US Forces deployed throughout the world. Your products are phenomenal and you have gained a customer for life!"
Always thankful, Geoff

"Several months ago I purchased a PALight from your store, and I've been very happy with it. Just this last weekend I was in the mountains near Tahoe during a strong Winter storm. You must have caught this same storm? The power went out at about 9 PM and was out all night. Fortunately, I had my PALight, which burned steadily for several hours as I secured the house, made a cold dinner, and prepared for a cold night's sleep. I'm considering buying a quantity of these for all my friends and family."
B. Richardson

"I wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with my recent purchase of a 110v 6 LED Bulb, Product#: AC6. I used it to replace a 20w standard bulb in a reading lamp attached to the headboard on my bed. The incandescent bulb made the metal shade on the lampuncomfortably hot to the touch if I came in contact with it. The directional light produced by the LED's is perfect for reading and is less harsh on the eyes if I need to get up in the middle of the night. I also find the blueish-white color temperature very pleasing. I'm looking at other places in my home where I might be able to use some of your products. Thanks also for the speedy service!"

Sincerely, Jim C. San Francisco CA

"Thank you very much for sending me myLW 4000flashlight so quickly. I do a fair bit of camping and have killed more batteries in than I care to remember, so I'm looking foreward to longer battery life. The flashlight produces a good amount of light but is fairly blue, but this is no problem and still looks better than the yellowish light from my. I read a review of the LW 4000 in another website and they stated that the 3000 was preferable because it was not as heavy or bulky as the 4000. I have not found the 4000 to be too heavy or bulky at all, it's just right. I will be recommending this site to others and I will surely purchase more products from you in the future."
Troy Greensill, Brisbane Australia

"I'm buying this (PLW-3) as a replacement for my dad's last one. He loved it, but had it stolen from his truck last year. They only took 2 things, and your light was one of them! :)"
D Gilliam

"Hello Patrick,Thank you for crediting my account and like I said before that customer service is everything and seeing that you stand behind your product and company and not just worried about making a sale and never hear from you! Well, you just earned a customer for life and I will you will probably get many referrals from me. So many of my customers ask me about the flashlights that I have because they have never seen nor heard of LED's being used. Once I finish this e-mail I am going to your site to buy another LW 4000 flashlight and a DIY-18R 18 led assembly. I just want to say thank you again for your service."

Don L

United Way and Pentagon Relief Fund Contributions

"Howdy: I'd like to say thank you for the PROMPT shipping of invoice # ___ , and for donating 10% of the order for United Way's 911 Special Relief Fund. I wish more companies would do the same as NY needs a LOT of help, for a long time. Thank you, Jim S"

Webmaster's note: If you shop online a lot, there is nothing wrong with suggesting such an idea to the merchants you do buisness with. Jim's right. The need is great and will continue to be great.

Brighter isn't always better- This one goes out to those of you who call or email and say: "Which one is brightest?!" As you learn about LEDs and use your flashlights, you might find that versatility is more important than "bright". Think about how you will use your light when you decide which flashlight to purchase. This comment came from a customer who has purchased a number of versatile flashlights:

"It's a great light (eternaLight X-Ray), Mary. I only have one. I gave the others as gifts. I always put mine in my travel bag and use it to read in bed when my girlfriend is sleeping. Set on one or two LEDs, it's just the right brightness. Plus, the momentary on blue is enough to see around the room at night. I went hiking at night recently and it was bright enough for four people. As our eyes got accustomed to the dark, I lowered the intensity until we had just enough to see by."
John M, Los Angeles CA

International Delivery

"I ordered my flashlights from you on Tuesday. It is now Friday morning at 9 AM in London, and they have just been delivered. I consider that to be incredibly efficient. Thank you very much for your very swift response. If I make more purchases of these sort of goods, I shall certainly make them from you."
Anthony Mann, London, England

EW-18 Desk Lamp

"I live in Southern California and have been concerned about the energy crisis. I'm a freelance graphic artist and technology enthusiast and recently purchased one of your 18 LED desk lamps. I have nothing but praise for your fine product because it provides adequate light for my work with the price of energy in mind and is leagues beyond the decorative halogen I used before which consumed 50 times the energy and generated enough heat to roast a medium hot dog. I'm confident that I will get the 100,000 hours out of your bulbs and save a lot of energy to boot. I'm also optimistic that with time, LED lights will continue to improve and will be the future of lighting in the years to come.
Ronald F. Hicks Cartoonist/Graphic Artist

Working with LEDS

"I just installed two DIY-3 arrays in my bedroom. I attached them where the ceiling and wall meet and angled them at 45° toward the center of the room. The illumination is beautiful, much brighter than I expected like bright moonlight which is soft on the eyes . I put a small grate in front of one the the arrays which created an awesome shadow pattern on the floor and walls. Now I feel like I'm in the 21st century. And I did this with little electrical experience."

Stylus III Penlights

"I recently purchased a Stylus penlight for my work and everyone was so impressed with it, they all wanted one. So I purchased one for each tech. I work for an opthalmologist and similar products run over $40.00 and sub-quality. These pen lights are excellent to examine ocular structures. You should consider marketing them to opthalmic technicians.
G. Boatright

"I am absolutely hooked on these LED lights. I am a watchmaker and I perform housecalls on clocks which always seem to be in dark corners of dark rooms. The Stylus 3 is the perfect light to have for inspecting a clock movement. I can see everything perfectly and the white light lets me see the color of the oil to see if it is going bad. This gives me the light of a bigwith krypton bulb only better and I can move it in and around a clock movement. It's the best thing to come along in a long time and I have already told a number of colleagues to go to your site and order these lights. Thanks for the super service and great products!
John Crabtree (A very happy customer) "

"The Stylus III is [still] serving me well. Its incredibly long battery life is a great quality! I network homes for ethernet use and this light fits inside wallplates, tiny holes, and helps me see my way through attics. As an added feature, I've mounted it to my mountain bike in combination with a hefty flashlight. The flashlight is nice for offroading, but the Led Light has been noted as seen over a mile away. No matter where I go on my bike, people notice me due to the intensely white light. When the fog comes at night while I'm out on my bike, the light casts an eerie glow around me. That's entirely too cool! Just recently my friend Nick purchased an LED key ring and loves it. We use them at large computer stores as a signaling beacon to communicate with each other. The possibilities are endless..."
J. Lomas - Sugar Land, Texas

From the webmaster's favorite customer :-)

"I'm just becoming aquainted with LED lighting after recently purchasing a Stylus. I want you to know, of the many pages of searching I've recently done concerning LED lighting, your site is the one I keep coming back to. Your site is informative and pretty easy to navigate, your products look good, and your prices seem pretty reasonable. And also, thanks for having a site apparently not designed by idiots."
Bob Sheldon

All the way from Scotland

Thank you very much for sending me my gold band PAL light torch. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery from America, it can take twice as long to have something bought in the UK delvered. I think your PAL torch is excellent and I particularly like the on all the time glow, this makes the PAL torch easy to find in the dark. Keep up your excellent range of torches.
A Bryce

And From Alaska

WOW! did you guys send me a replacement? That is absolutely cool! I am so shocked and impressed! You can be assured I will be out there still showing off the Infinity task light and passing on, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a million thanks and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another satisfied customer,
Ed Janitscheck
Note: Ed bought his light in July. It malfunctioned in December. He received a n/c replacement.

eternaLight Flashlights

HI Mary & Patrick,
I just want to let you know how happy I am with my eternal light. I just received it in the mail today and I am really excited about it. It has exceeded my expectations and I can't believe how much light it gives off. I do a lot of camping in the North west woods and my eternal light is now going to be a standard part of my equipment. I have just ordered another one in
marine yellow. Keep up the good work. Sincerely
Edward Spitzer

"I just got the tracking info. Thank you so much.. You and Patrick have been wonderful.. It is a great feeling to do business with people who are so professional and with people that are willing to help a small business out by helping me to carry a wonderful product such as the ones you have. My customers can not wait to receive the eternalight.. Some have been asking me daily when I will be getting my next shipment. When I received my first shipment from you, I had just gotten the eternalight out of my fed ex box when the maintanance man in front of the building saw it and bought one on the spot. 10 Minutes later a friend of his came by and bought one and asked if I had more so he could come back the next day. It is so much fun as a small businees owner to offer wonderful, useful and innovative products. Have an amazing day!"
Len Filipowski

During the Holiday Rush

Yes, the package arrived today. The lights are great, and I am VERY impressed by your customer service! Your response to my query was quick, complete, and very helpful. You guys could teach some of the bigger on-line companies a whole lot about keeping customers happy! Thanks. I'll be back.Mike Bennett

The Bonfire Tent Light and Infinity Task Light

I received my order of 1 - Infinity Flash Light and 1 - Bonfire tent light and would like to say I'm very impressed with the timely delivery and most important the quality of both items. Both items exceeded my expectations for quality, light output and design. I will recommend your products to all of my friends, family and work related acquaintances. After receiving and reviewing my order I was so impressed that I placed another order for various flashlights to be used at my work for disaster recovery since being in Florida we are in a hurricane zone. Again thanks for supplying a unique and quality service that I feel has a great benefit.
Bern R, Florida

More on the Infinity Lights:

"... Incidentally, I just thought you might like to know that we purchased the flashlights as gifts for attendants at our wedding - so everyone got one; bridesmaids, ushers, best man, etc. They were all thrilled. Everyone thought they were marvelous presents, except Jed who is 6 and much preferred the Lego we bought for him. So, if anyone asks you for gift suggestions, the LED lights are definately a good idea."

Dr. Angela Speck, Illinois

Our 3 and 4 LED Flashlights

I love the flashlights I have ordered from your company and I'm trying to turn as many people on to your products as I can. I have given out your web address to many friends and coworkers. Everyone that sees how these LED flashlights perform are really impressed. I am a design engineer by trade and really appreciate the light intensity and long battery life these flashlights provide.
Thanks again ! Greg W., Indiana

"Having received my PLW-3 flashlight just a week ago, I am very impressed (as well are my co-workers). We've used thefor years, but the brightness quality is not near the same. My job, as an industrial mechanic, is in a very dusty environment (flour), which tends to eventually scratch all flashlight lenses when they are cleaned. Can you tell me how much it would cost to obtain a spare "Lexan lens" for this light? You'll probably be hearing from some of my co-workers soon, as they've never seen a light quite like this !! Many thanks, and keep up the good work!"
Mark J. Smith

The PALight Survival Light

"Have purchased several of your Led lighting products. No complaints. I Like the WEB site, the ordering is simple, and the product arrives via priority mail, real quick.Of all the products, the PAL survival light hits home for me. We loose the AC power all the time, we live in a some what rural area. I just leave these lights sitting around at strategic areas in the house. The power goes out, and the PAL light is the only thing on, easy to find.Great idea.Thanks,"
Douglas D

'I am a professional workin' in the sound and lighting game. I have carried afor aobut 10 years now .. well, until yesterday. I am always havin' to change burned out bulbs and flat batteries. Now at last I have found something to do with radio mic batteries the 9V Duracell Pros that it hurts to throw away all the time. Let's face it, there are only so many you can keep for the smoke detector. The white soft light from my new PAL is great to work by and the always on feature is just amazin'. I won't be buying another, and judgin' from the looks of envy I'll have to watch where I put my PAL until my crew buys their own and believe me, they will! The rubber body is super as it can be held in your mouth without hurting your teeth. Expecially if you bang the end of your torch on something. Most people I know have nearly lost teeth with the. This is truly an outstanding proiduct and will, I think, become a standard in the pro sound and lighting game. I predict the phrase of the future will be: Lend me your PAL, not as it is now, Lend me your.'
Tom Thompson
Northern Ireland

'On a camping trip with the Palight Classic, the light was put in the dirty laundry by mistake. It went through the washer and then the dryer. Water was condensed inside the lens, I thought the end was at hand for my trusty light! With nothing to loose, I took the light apart to dry it out and cleaned all the solder joints. I put it all back together and it has been working fine for at least three months now. I am also still using the same rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery that made the trip through the washer & dryer. Talk about a survivor flashlight!!"
David Memmer

I'm a private pilot and was needing a reliable, yet small flashlight that uses white LEDs. When I received my PAL Classic and showed it to my wife, she was so impressed by it, she suggested that I give it to her and get me another one! Well, how could I refuse? :-) So, I purchased another PAL Classic AND an Illuminator Headlamp. I wanted to share with you how pleased I am with both products. I particularly like the diffused light from the Headlamp. It's very easy on thes old eyes. Thanks for making great products!
Ron Jones, Jones Audio, Wamego KS

"I keep ordering more of these PAL lights because they're so useful. I recently had a total hip replacement operation. I used the PALs in the hospital room at night to untangle tubes and to locate the Nurse Call button. On returning home, I used them to read medicine bottle labels and to navigate about the house at night. The 'always on' mode let me leave one at all important corners and furniture outcroppings. As my recovery progressed, I used the PALs for exercise walks that extended into dusk. Now I'm back on my feet, doing fine, but the PALs are all over the place and I keep ordering more periodically. The more you use them the more essential uses you find for them. Thanks for a great product!"
Bob Stahl, California

"My dad has one of those palights, and he loves it! He uses it at night on the job site. When he uses it, he forgets how bright it is.Its a good thing to have when you go camping,boating, and fishing.THANKS for making a great quality light!"
Priscilla D

The PALight Survival Light and Onestars

"Thank you Mary and Patrick. I have ordered another led flashlight ....... The first was a (6) led flashlight (white) that I use constantly for my "Mr. Fix it" repair jobs; and at the school district where I am employed; and I just ordered a one step unit. The greatest plus for me is the significant increase in battery and "bulb" life; as opposed the double A batteryI used to constantly use also. In the time I have had my new (6) led flashlight I would have gone through a number of sets of batteries and about half that amount of bulbs. Naturally the led's may "out live me", but I hope that is not the case. The double Ais a very nice model and user friendly flashlight that served me well for many years. BUT ...... "THE L-E-D IS THE ONE FOR ME!" Thanks.
Mark Barrett- Truckee Ca.

"So many of your products are valuable to pilots. As a pilot myself, and the owner of a PALight Gold Edition, I value things that help me out during flying. The LED Light will certainly do that. I'm sure that other pilots would benefit from your products. ... By the way, the PALight is wonderful. It's much brighter than I thought it would be. And easy to carry. Just the thing for those late night preflights on a dark ramp.

Thanks and best regards, Bruce Smith.

Our PALights recently made a trip to Mongolia. Read the detailshere.

And another, rather unique comment about our PALights:

"Just had to let you know. Max was in my office, sitting on "his" chair, in front of "his" computer but then he decided to stand on the chair, so I had to get him off the chair. He got mad and as I was in the middle of something, I switched my PALight in strobe mode and handed it to him. He's been walking around with it for the last hour now :) Just keeps pointing it at stuff and watches the light flashing. He's silent and entertained, what more could we ask for :) I'm sure this in not one of the "intended purposes", but hey as a parent to a 17 month old, anything that keeps the Max-man happy this long is a most excellent product :) He played with it for like 90 mins total, which is the longest I've seen anything entertain him :)


Note: Marc has a White PALight and of course, made sure that little Max didn't point it at his face and/or stare into it. Direct bright lights are not a good thing for anyone's eyes, much less babies.

And another .. everybody loves our PALights!

"My brother sent me a small, rubber-cased, 9V-powered utility light with constant-on, low, high and flash functions. Took it with me on military field maneuvers and found it so handy as to become my personal lighting of choice" ... Lindsay G.

Bryan L. says ..

"Have enjoyed your lights, just placed my second order. The PAL light has become a lifesaver for my mother, who uses it as a portable night light when she goes traveling. Highly recommended for anyone that travels and has to get up in the night in a strange room and find your way to the bathroom without stubbing your toe!"

We tell our customers that your PALight will squeeze hours of use from those recycled smoke detector batteries you might otherwise throw away .. Well .. here's a customer comment related to that:

"I just wanted to let you know that the Gold series PALight that I purchased was really bright. Then one day I had to replace my batteries in my smoke detector. I took the test strip that came with the batteries to test the battery in my PALight.To my amazement the battery did not even register on the scale! The battery was almost dead, and the PALight still had some decent light emitting from it. Huh, did that raise my eyebrows. All I could do is smile thinking "oh my...I wonder......." I could not put the brand new top of the line battery into the flashlight fast enough. Fumbling franticly I searched for the darkest place in the house. " Quick the basement!" I said to myself. Trembling with excitement in a pitch black basement, I put that little sucker on hi-beam and " oh woooow " is all I could get out of my mouth. I thought it was bright before! Thought you might of wanted to hear about that. Thank you again,
Sean Sylvain Nashua, N.H.

Oh no! A PALight Fatality!

"Bought one of these a few days ago. Used it, loved it, and broke it - Note: will not survive being run over by steam engines, even 1/4 scale ones :-). Need another - also got ordered to buy PALs for a couple of friends.

D.G. from the UK
We were sure to send him holsters this time :-)

The Infinity Task Light and our PR Bulb:

Chris Hunter says ...

The 3-LED PR Bulb is much brighter than I expected. I'm very happy with it.

For me, the Infinity Light beam is too wide, and the (white) light color too blue. It renders some weird colors. If I had it do do over again, I'd probably get the yellow beam version.

On the Infinity Light, I immediately affixed reflector tape, so that if I dropped their little black bodies in the woods at night I could find them again with another light. I'd like to see all lights made in bright body colors.

Chris is an avid deer hunter, and has been a Park Ranger, Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker and Idaho wilderness ranch manager.

More about the PR Bulb and also the eternaLights:

Just thought I'd pass on the results from a recent test I ran on your 3 LED replacement bulb. The bulb was installed on ausing alkaline batteries that had been used in a portable radio and drained to the point that they would no longer operate the radio. Once the flashlight was turned on, it remained on 24/7. Although light output fell off considerably, it was still bright enough to read by until it finally gave up the ghost....two months later! I'm assistant chief of a volunteer Search and Rescue team and I've made it a point to share these results with other SAR folks whenever possible. I'm also very happy with the two EternalLights I own, especially the one with the mixed red and white LED's.... the red ones are great for preserving night vision.
Dave Hoffman

3 Volt LED Flashlight Replacement Bulbs

Quote: "I experimented with the PR bulb replacement in the3 D cell flashlight. I ran the light for 3 full weeks continuously and after the third week, the light was able to produce enough light to read a newspaper. I also checked the voltage of the 3 batteries, and all 3 were at 1.0V. I thought you might find that info interesting.".. Gary Wolfe, GW Electronics, Jonestown PA

I'm the happy owner of three (two red and one white) of your 3-volt triple LED flashlight bulb replacement assemblies. For those of us in the military, the red LEDs are perfect for the "gooseneck" 2-D cell flashlights we use in the field - offering vastly longer battery life and more power vs. the usual incandescent bulb with red filter. The white one's being used in a 2-C. I ordered my LEDs last December, but they've since been dropped from your online catalog. Any chance of their return? Are brighter ones being developed? If they are indeed coming back, would you consider adding amber/yellow as a color choice (for bug-free use in camp lanterns)?

R. D. (U. S. Air Force)

PR-Type Replacement Bulbs

I never realized how much yellow was in the light coming from the original bulb until I saw the dazzling-white light from yours!

At lower voltage, simulating quite worn batteries, the brightness did diminish, as expected, but there was NO color shift to yellow/orange like a normal bulb. The light output remained a dazzling white.

Dan D., IL