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Low Voltage Transformers AC-DC Power Supplies for LEDs

AC-DC Transformers convert to 12VDC or 24VDC. Please be sure to select a transformer with the correct voltage output. All Transformers are supplied with a US plug except where noted. Our transformers and power supplies have been selected specifically to work with the LED products we sell. Warranty can not be offered to those who purchase these transformers and LED power supplies for other purposes. When purchased as a stand alone, transformers and power supplies are not returnable.  

TX 1A - 10W 1A, 12VDC Output

Max current load 8W or 800mA

1 amp 12V transformer

Dry location only, 90-264VAC 50-60Hz input. Cable length 5 FT. Wire with long dashes is positive. US plug attached. Operating temperature 0°C to 27°C (32F to 80F). Dimensions2 1/2” x 1 5/8” x 1 1/2” D . There is no barrel pin on this transformer. Wires are stripped and tinned. 1 year warranty.

$12.60 each

TX 5A (12VDC) TX 8A (24VDC)

5A Max: 60 W 5A; 8A Max: 60W 2.5A

5 amp 12 and 24V transformers

Dry location only, 90-264VAC 47-63Hz input. Supplied with US plug and 1 meter (39.4") cable. Dimensions: 5” x 2” x 1.25” D. This transformer comes with a barrel pin connector on it and a corresponding connector with a 6' lead, ending in a two wire, easy connection to your 2 wire product, making it easy for you to locate the transformer itself somewhat remotely. 2 year warranty. Full Specs.

A-PS100 (12VDC) A-PS124 (24VDC)

PS100 Max: 102W 8.5A; PS124 Max: 108W 4.5A

100W 12V and 24V transformers

Dry location only. 88-264VAC 47-63Hz input. Supplied with  1.5 meter (4.92 ft) power cord with US Plug. Dimensions: 6.25" L x 3.8" W x 1.5" H. 3 year warranty. Full Specs  Installation Guide

A-PS200 (12VDC) A-PS224 (24VDC)

PS200 Max: 200.4W 16.7A PS224: 201.6W 8.4A

200W 12 and 24V transformers

Dry location only. 88-264VAC 47-63Hz input. Supplied with 1.5 meter (4.92 ft) power cord with US Plug. Dimensions: 8.5" L x 4.5" W x 1.2" H. 3 year warranty. Full Specs.. Installation Guide NEMA Enclosure Available. See Below

A-PS312 (12VDC) A-PS324 (24VDC)

Max Ratings: PS312 Max: 288W 24A; PS324 Max: 300W 12.5A

300W 12 and 24v transformers

Dry location only. 88-264VAC 47-63Hz input. Supplied with 1.5 meter (4.92 ft) power cord with US Plug. Dimensions:8.5" L x 4.5" W x 2.0" H. 3 year warranty. Full Specs.. Installation Guide NEMA enclosure available. See Below

TX-WP 12 and 24VDC Waterproof Power Supplies

12V-60 Max: 60W 5A; 12V-150 Max: 132W 11A; 12V-240 Max: 192W 16A; 24V-60 Max: 60W 2.5A; 24V-150 Max 151.2W 6.3A; 24V-240 Max 240W 10A

waterproof power supplies for leds

IP67 direct wire power supplies with no AC plugs. Dimensions will vary according to size.  3 year warranty on 60W and 150W supplies. 5 year warranty on 240W supplies. 60W Specs; 150W Specs; 240W Specs

TX WP 80W 12V IP67 Power Supplies with junction box.

12VDC Output. Maximum load 60W 5A These power supplies are for occasions when you need a waterproof UL listed solution.

ul listed waterproof power supplies for leds

Wet location. 90-305VAC 47-63Hz input with junction box option. Dimensions 7.7" x 2.4" x 1.5" plus junction box. 5 year warranty. Full Specs.

$109.70 each

Dimmable LED Magnetic Transformers

Capacity: 60W 12VDC 4 Amps; 150W 12VDC 10 Amps; 200W 12VDC 16.7 Amps; 300W 12VDC; 25 Amps 60W 24VDC 2.5 Amps; 150W 24VDC 6.25 Amps

dimmable magnetic transformers

Substantial ETL listed transformers allow you to operate your dimmable 12VDC and 24VDC input LED products on the line voltage side with most standard dimmers. 5 year warranty. New 60W is UL listed. See detailed info below.

NEMA Enclosures:

nema enclosures

Are you looking for a convenient enclosure solution for your power supply requirement? Our NEMA 1 Power Supply Enclosures are ideal for indoor applications that are permanently installed. Our steel enclosures are designed for contractor installation. 1/2" knockouts for input and output wiring. Mounting holes for surface mounting. Additionally, our NEMA 1 enclosures are ETL Listed to UL STD 508A.

Link to Spec Sheet Priced at $127.50 each.

More information on Dimmable LED Magnetic Transformers:

Compatible Dimmer List. and Installation Guide. for all dimmable magnetic transformers

Important Note: These transformers are intended for use with a dimmer. If you are using a switch and not a dimmer, you must have a minimum 50% load. Less than that will burn the device and will void your warranty. 

Links to Data Sheets: 12VDC 60W - 12VDC 150W - 12VDC 200W - 12VDC 300W - 24VDC 60W - 24 VDC 150W - Other sizes available. Contact us for help

If you have not found what you need on this page, please contact us.  We are most times able to get larger or special power supplies for you within a day or two.

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