UV - Ultra Violet LED Flashlights

LED alternative for fluorescent and other type Blacklight sources.


The UV LED products we offer are Class 1M, 365 nM through 395 nM. Avoid direct and strongly reflected exposure to the eyes. Use protective eye wear.

UV LED Flashlights are not toys. Professional use only. Buyer warrants that they will use our UV products in compliance with federal, state and local laws. In no event shall The LED Light, Inc. be held liable for any use or misuse of UV products.

How do I choose a UV LED Flashlight? Use theApplication Matrixto find out which UV wavelength suits your application. Professional users - you may want to view our365nM UV Crime Scene Kitsand455nM Blue Crime Scene Kitsas well.

UV LED Safety Glasses


With wraparound-style, these glasses provide good observed contrast. Works well over prescription glasses.

395 nM UV LED Flashlights

XeLED He1UV 395

Pocket size, powerful UV LED flashlights. Runs on AAA batteries. Great for tracer applications and many other uses.

Be advised that you MUST pay attention to battery installation instructions. Inserting batteries upside down will damage the light and void your warranty.Details

x5 uv led flashlights

Inova X5 365-400 nM UV LED Flashlights

5 LED 365-400nM UV Flashlight in solid aircraft aluminum. High and low mode, economy priced at $44.95. See full product details for complete specs