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Waterproof Rigid LED Light Bars or Strips

LED Light Bars for Autos, Machinery, Landscaping, other Wet Locations 

half meter waterproof bars

Waterproof Rigid LED Light Bars can be immersed for a short period of time or take splashing water on a daily basis. The entire bar is coated with waterproofing.

The connectors are waterproof . LED Light Bars are shipped as shown above, with one connector at each end (1 male, 1 female). The Bar to Power Supply Cable is to be put at the end of the run and is to be ordered separately. Unique mounting clips available. Aim the LED light where you want it.

rotatable mounting clips
rigid clips
waterproof bar and connector

◦Dimensions: 500mm x 9mm x 15mm (19.7") long x 0.36" tall x 0.59" wide M.O.L. (more or less 

Be advised that WP bars may vary slightly in length due to waterproofing considerations)

◦LED: 30 each 5050 SMD LEDs 

◦Voltage In: 12 VDC 

 ◦Mounting: use double sided tape or Mounting Clip as shown here.

IP Rating: IP 67

◦View angle 120 degrees 

◦Watt Consumed: 7.2 watts - 600 mA 

◦Maximum Series: 15 meters 

◦Light Output: 480 lumens 

◦Operating Temp: -40 to +60 C (-40 to 140F) 

◦CCT: 5500-6000K Daylight White 

 ◦CE, RoHS Compliant ◦Warranty 1 year

1 Meter Bars

Waterproof LED Bar, half meter, 12VDC, 5500-6000K Daylight White. $26.50 each, Quantity discount at 12 pieces.  If you need 48 or more, please contact us for a quote.


Accessories: WPBAR CONN; 12 inch connector, bar to power supply. You need one of these per transformer. rigid bar clips$2.50 each. RIGID CLIPS -Suggest 2 or 3 per bar, optional. $0.50 each

Power Supplies

TX5A with plug runs (6) waterproof bars. Yes, we have larger transformers and even waterproof power supplies. Please see details on our transformer page. If you need help, we're at your service.

rigid clip dimensions

Rigid Clip Dimensions shown at left. Many of you have asked to purchase these for other uses. We have ample stock and can accommodate your request.  They are quite handy for many LED bars. Be sure to order just a few to evaluate before you ask us for a large quantity.  Rigid clips purchased in bulk will not be returnable.

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