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Xtreme Linear LED Lights - LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Safe for RV, Auto and Truck LED Lighting - USA LED Products

xtreme linear led bars

Slim, very low profile bright white LED light for any indoor use.

Xtreme Linear Lights are bright enough to be placed above drawing tables and anywhere detailed tasks are done. You can control light output with a 12vdc dimmer that would also be the On/Off switch. Basic measurement is 1 1/2 inches wide x 1/2 inch thick x XX length in Bone White only. It comes with 2, 3, 5, 6, or 9 1 watt Cree XLamp 7090 XRE Q4 Emitters. In stock now, 2 emitter version only. Picture at left is the 3 emitter version.
Xtreme Linear Lights can be screwed onto a surface or secured with 3M double sided self adhesive tape. If glued in place, recessed or surface mounted, use white wood dust filler to fill in screw holes, then sand and paint to match. Made in the USA.

Xtreme Linear LED Light Applications: ◦Under Cabinet ◦General kitchen, den or work shop lighting ◦Book cases, curio cabinets and shelves ◦Task Lighting ◦Jewelry display cases ◦Store lighting ◦Good To Go for: boats, planes, vans, motor homes, RVs, truck box, semi interiors. ◦Workshops, laboratories, X-Ray film/light table backlight replacement ◦Excellent replacement for fluorescent lamps

  • Electrical Properties
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Operating Voltage: 11-15V DC. Good FOR RV's, solar, ETC.
  • Operating temperature: -40 - 85C/-40F to 185F
  • Short Circuit protection: Indefinite
  • Operating Current: See each model for current consumption
  • Junction Power: 1.3 - 1.5 watts
  • Wire Leads: Jacket, 18" long
  • Color Temperature : 5400K - 5800 K
  • View Angle: 135° Light Spread
  • Luminous Intensity: See each model for lumen output
  • Appealing Bone White Color. Matches everything
  • Moisture sealed but NOT Waterproof
  • Lens is clear Acrylic w/UV Inhibitors
  • Body is is tough, rigid UL 94-VO Flame Retardant Modified Lucite/Corian w/UV Inhibitors
  • One Year Warranty


Xtreme Linear LED Light Bar

2 Emitters - 8 inches long; 200mA - 22 W light output - 220 Lumens; $69.30 each.

Order Your Power Supply

AC-DC Transformer needed, not included. TX 1A, 800mA max capacity, with plug; $12.60 ea

These hardy lights were out of production for some time due to increased cost of the Corian shell material. They are back and available in larger sizes now! Please contact us for help.

Yes, we have larger 12V transformers as well as low voltage dimmers. You may also want to check out our installation accessories.

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