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23A 12V Battery Holder


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Quick overview

23A Cell Battery Holder

with wire leads holds (1) 23A cell battery for when your space considerations count.


Order 23A Battery Pack

23A Battery Holder Only - $5.75 each


12V 23A Alkaline Battery Holders

Battery power for your smaller LED projects and crafts


12V 23A Battery Holders for powering low draw LED products

Here is a battery holder with a small footprint for when you want a portable LED lighting solution or simply don't have a readily available outlet in a convenient spot. Takes a single 23A 12V alkaline battery.






Note about run time: In spite of the data in the above formula, we took a single Northstar (20mA), hooked it up on Friday morning at 11 AM, and the light was still on Tuesday morning. Of course, brightness had diminished. But this tells you that if you need to power a couple of small lights for a table decoration or accessory, this little battery pack can do the job.

Battery type: 12V DC 23A
Make sure that the battery contacts are clean. If necessary, clean the contacts with a wet cloth before installing the battery.
Observe polarity
Not for rechargeable batteries
Ambient Temperature: 50 to 90 degrees F
Relative Humidity may not exceed 65%
Do not store battery holders with batteries installed.
No warranty, not returnable.
Batteries are not shipped outside the continental US

How long will the battery last?

First, figure out how many amps (or mA) the items you're powering draws. 
The average 23A alkaline battery will provide about 55 mAh. which means it can power 100mA for about 1/2 hour
This is of course highly simplified, but you can use it as a general rule of thumb. Its best to test the batteries with your project first to make sure it will work as intended. 
Generally, you can use these batteries to power a small LED strip or fixture with a low mA consumption. MicroStars, LED Bullets and North Stars for example, have a power consumption of only 20mA each. You can run one of these for about 2.5 hours on one 23A battery. See note below