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Selecting the correct power supplies and color controllers for Flexible LED Strips

Flexible LED strips have different power requirements depending upon the density of the LEDs on the strips

This is a general guide that applies to flexible LED strips employing 5050 LEDs. By density, we mean the number of LEDs per meter. We will address 30 LED per meter and 60 LED per meter flexible LED strip here. For other LED types (3528 for example) or other densities, the same formula applies.
The product page will specifically state the power consumption in mA per meter for each type. To size your transformer, simply add up the mA consumption of the product you are purchasing to arrive at a total consumption in Amps or milliamps.
Example: 1 Full Reel of 30 LED per meter 5050 the Flexible LED Strips on this page consumes 3 Amps or 3,000mA If you were going to install 3 full reels, you would have: 3 x3000 mA = 9000 mA
Our smallest transformer, the TX-1A has 1000 mA (1 Amp) total capacity. De-rated by 20%, it has a 800mA max current load. That would be too small for your project.
Look down the transformer page until you find a transformer of adequate size. The suggested transformer for your project would be our PS 200 with a maximum load of 14,400mA.
You could use an even larger power supply if you think you may expand your LED lighting project in the future.
60 LED per meter flexible LED strip consumes twice the power as 30 LED per meter strip, so you would simply double the calculations above.
If your product is RGB color changing, you will use the same method to calculate the capacity needed from your RGB color controller.
As you view our selection of LED power supplies, you will see that we stock dry location and wet location transformers. Choose the type that suits your installation. And if at any time, your larger job requires even more power, please let us know. We are able to special order much larger supplies in a very short time. Purchasing a larger supply can be much more cost effective.

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