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LED Replacements for High Output HID, CFL and Incandescent Bulbs

High lumen lamps for commercial and industrial applications 

What are HID Lamps?

HID stands for ‘high intensity discharge’. HID lamps produce light by an electric arc between metal electrodes and a gas contained inside of a tube, typically made of fused quartz. They are used in applications such as sports stadiums, parking garages, warehouses and roadways where extremely high levels of light are required for safety and security.  Not only do they consume a tremendous amount of electricity, but some HID lamps contain radioactive substances and produce a significant amount of UV radiation.  Exposure to HID lamps operating with inadequate or absent UV-blocking filterscan cause many problems such as fading of colored materials to more severe consequences such as burns similar to sun burn and injury to plants, animals and humans.  


The Solution – LED HID Replacement Lamps

LEDs (light emitting diodes) consume just a fraction of the electricity consumed by a HID light source such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium, contain no harmful chemicals and produce no UV radiation. They are safe to use when lighting color sensitive fabrics and even precious art. Our brightest LED HID replacement lamps consume only 120 watts as compared to 750 watts and produce 15,600 lumens.  Now they are truly bright enough to replace even high lumen output lamps. With a rated life of 50,000 hours, LED HID replacement lamps make a great deal of sense. Lamp replacement and maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

LED HID replacement lamps can be installed just about anywhere. They are safe for use indoors or outdoors. They can be installed base up, base down, or in a horizontal position. They are UL approved for installation in totally enclosed fixtures. There is no disposal cost as LED lamps do not contain mercury or other harmful chemicals.

Practical, functional and innovative? Absolutely. Now we have high brightness LED HID replacement lamps that even provide you with the flexibility to perform beam angle adjustments right in the field. These new LED lamps have light panels which lock into place, providing light exactly where you need it even if your lighting requirements change throughout the work day. Tools are not required. Simply adjust the panels to achieve 360, 270 or 180 degree light output.


With a standard screw-in base, our LED HID replacement lamps are simple to install in 120V or 277V applications. Buy one to try. You’ll be impressed with the light output, and color.  Stocked in the USA, there are no long lead times. To get a quote on your next re-lamping or new construction project, simply call us at 1-775-841-4490 or send an email to  We’ll be glad to call you at a time that is convenient.

Thank you as always for your confidence in us. We’ve been serving the LED lighting industry since 1997 and have the experience to find the right light sources at the right price for you.