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Installation Accessories for your LED Projects

16-4 wire cable for RGB LED installations, 16-2 wire, 86 boxes, quick splice connectors, shrink tube for waterproof installations and helpful waterproofing instructions

Installation Accessories for LED Lighting

Over the years we've found some invaluable accessories that simplify your LED lighting installations. You'll also find links here to wiring diagrams, waterproofing techniques and other tips for a smooth installation. Let us be your one stop shop for everything you need to complete your lighting projects.
If you're frequently running out to the supply house for something, let us know what that is. We'll consider stocking it for you.

2 & 4 Conductor Cable

16 gauge wire is good for most installations. We carry 16-2 for standard LED installations and 16-4 for RGB color changing. The wire is color coded so hooking up your color controller is a breeze. Sold by the foot.

16-2 Wire

Helpful tip: Order a couple of feet for your RGB installs as you will have to make a two wire connection between the power supply and color controller. $0.68/foot

16-4 Wire

Wires inside the jacket are color coded so it's simple to make your connections from the LED product output to the color controller input. $1.19/foot

86 box

86mm square box for use with square RGB wall controls $5.95 each.

Blue Quick Splice

Quick splice connectors for 16-14 gauge wire. $3.95 bag of 25

Red Quick Splice

Quick splice connectors for 22-18 gauge wire. $3.95 bag of 25

Blue Wire Nuts

Wire nuts for 22-16 gauge wire. $2.95 for bag of 25

Butt Connectors

Vinyl insulated connectors for single 22-16 gauge wires. $2.25 for bag of 25.

Multi-Wire Shrink

For mating 2 wires with 1. Adhesive lining makes connectors weatherproof Type 2214 $7.75 for 10; type 1810 $7.75 for 10

Shrink Tube

Thick wall polyamide adhesive melts and flows, encapsulating and sealing components. 3 sizes. The 1/2" tube fits over waterproof flexible LED strip. $2.95/foot. Smaller shrink tube is for smaller wiring such as in sign modules. $3.95/foot.

Silicone Adhesive

Two types: 10-150 full cures in 24 hours. For sealing and insulation applications, potting exposed electronic components. 19-155 is electronic grade silicone sealant adhesive for applications where corrosion to metals is a problem. Either type $12.95 per 3 oz tube

NEMA Enclosure for Power Supplies

NEMA enclosures for permanent and safe installation of your power supplies fits our 200 and 300 Watt supplies. Larger enclosures are available on request. Priced at $127.50 each (does not include supply). Link to Spec Sheet

See our tech note on instructions for waterproofing flexible LED strips. Also see instructions for using sealed connectors. Are you dashing out to the hardware store for supplies? Let us know what you need and we'll consider stocking it here.