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LED technology is changing on a daily basis. New and exciting things are on drawing boards the world over. Although we do the best we can do to keep our information as current and as accurate as possible, we are after all human beings. By use of this web site, you agree that you understand that:


  • We do not dispense engineering advice
  • We do not make any claims that our particular products are the only products or the best products for any particular application
  • We do not make any claims that we are aware of every single LED related product or component available on a daily basis
  • We do make every effort to bring you the products we feel are of the best value
  • We do make every effort to provide you with basic information that we hope will be helpful to you in determining your particular needs
  • We do above all, appreciate and thank you for your business


Given the litigiousness of society today, our attorney suggests that we make you aware that SHOULD ANY DISPUTE ARISE WHICH WE ARE UNABLE TO SETTLE WITH YOU, IT IS TO BE FILED IN A COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION IN THE STATE OF NEVADA.


And by the way, everything on this website is copyright protected and has been since we began our LED business in 1997. Absolutely no copying content of any kind without our express, written permission.

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