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Dimmable Direct LED Replacements for Fluorescent T5 and T8 tubes

What could be easier? 

Open cover, remove old fluorescent tube, insert new LED tube.  No re-wiring. Really.  Changing to LED lighting can be that simple.

A few basics first:

What does T8 mean?  The T simply stands for ‘tubular’ which is the shape of the lamp. T8 means that the lamp is eight 1/8” or 1 inch in diameter.  It follows that a T12 is 12/8” or 1.5” in diameter and a T5 is 5/8” in diameter. Both T12 and T8 lamps use the medium bi-pin base, which allows T8 lamps to fit into the same light fixtures as T12 lamps of the same length.

When looking for LED fluorescent replacement tubes, it is helpful to understand what the numbers on your existing fluorescent tubes mean.



rated nominal wattage

indicates shape; this lamp is shaped like a tube

diameter in eighths of an inch; this lamp is 12/8 (1.5) inches in diameter

color; this lamp is a cool white lamp

mode of starting; the lamp is a rapid-start lamp. Preheat lamps do not have "RS" as a suffix.


Our direct replace T8 LED tubes will work with either rapid start or instant start ballasts. Ballasts can be either magnetic or electronic.  In fact, ballasts can be subject matter for another extensive article. But let’s keep that simple. We can provide you with a ballast compatibility chart and of course, we can help you to determine whether our LED T8 replacement lamps will be suitable for your specific applications.

Traditional fluorescent tubes are plagued with problems, the most serious of which is chemical content. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that can cause severe damage to the brain, nervous system, kidneys, lungs, and other vital organs. Clean-up can be difficult and even if not damaged, fluorescent tubes must be disposed of as hazardous waste. LEDs on the other hand, contain no harmful chemicals and are impervious to shock and vibration. LEDs are the logical choice to replace these lighting dinosaurs.

Our LED T8 replacement tubes are available in color temperatures ranging from a very warm 3000K to a crisp, clean 5000K cool white. You can select a color temperature that matches the color temperature of other fixtures in the space and/or to create a mood.  Color temperatures at the 3000K end create a warm, golden ambiance. Color temperatures at the 5000K end are excellent for offices and kitchens where you want a crisper atmosphere.

One of the important features of our direct replace LED T8 tubes is that they are produced using a glass tube.  Inexpensive LED T8 tubes are often produced using a cheap plastic lens.  The cheap plastic yellows over time, giving the light a dingy appearance.  Glass remains clean and clear, so the light color does not fade or yellow as the lamp ages. Our LED T8 tubes are backed by a five-year warranty, but you can expect them to last 50,000 hours or more. If burned eight hours a day, that amounts to 6,250 days or 17 years. 

For the commercial purchaser, DLC rating is a concern and yes, our LED T8 tubes are DLC qualified.  For those who don’t know, DLC stands for ‘Design Lights Consortium’. The DLC promotes high quality and energy efficient lighting for the commercial lighting market.  When you purchase lighting products that are DLC qualified, you are assured of having found a superior lighting product.  DLC has strict testing requirements and qualifications to ensure that products provide superior performance. DLC certified lighting products can be eligible for local and federal rebates and incentives as well.

How can we help you today?  We are able to recommend the right color, size, and light output for your particular lighting tasks.  Call us today at 1-775-841-4490 or send an email to  We’ll be happy to call you at a convenient time to discuss your project in detail.