LED Lighting Controls - Low Voltage Dimmers with PWM for LEDs

Zane Controls are USA LED Products. These PWM dimmers are for dimming your 12 or 24VDC LED products on the low voltage side. For LED lighting, adjustment range is from pale moonglow at low setting, through full brightness at high. Constant color temperature is maintained at all settings. You can add a touch of red to the ambient light level from a separate dimming circuit for warmth during mealtime, or blue to enhance ambiance for sleeping (as done on the new Boeing Dreamliner aircraft).

Z-04600 12VDC Dimmer

12 VDC 4.0 Amp Dimmer with PWM - ADM-34L-12v with wall plate

12 VDC dimmer with plate

Features full range brightness and on/off function. Compact size and generates no RF interference. Rated for 4.0 amps at 12vdc. Includes wall plate which can not be removed, screws, knob and lock nut. Made for single gang box. If you want to provide your own plate, order a mini-dimmer at right. 90 day limited warranty Spec Sheet.


Z-15900 12V and Z-16000 24V

12 and 24V 8 Amp dimmer with PWM - AMD-48L-12V and AMD-48L-24V

12 and 24VDC dimmers

This a terrific size for space limited installations such as lanterns and control boxes. Rated for up to 8.0 amps in a confined space to 12.0 amps in free airflow at 12vdc. Made for a single gang box. Includes knob and lock nut. You can then drill a hole in your choice of wall plates purchased locally. Requires a common Allen wrench (1/16" hex key) to remove knob. Not included. 90 day limited warranty.. Spec Sheet.

Remote Control Dimmer

With full range brightness control. Surface mount model only.  

low voltage remote control dimmers for leds

Compact size and generates no RF interference. Rated for 5.0 amps at 12 to 24 volts DC input. 12vdc in, 12vdc output; 24vdc in, 24vdc output. Manually operated, or controlled with included remote. Measures 4.5 inches x 2.125 inches x 1.25 inches high. 1 year warranty. This item is being discontinued. Special pricing, valued at $39.95 Special Price $29.95.

Other ways to dim your LEDs

Other methods to dim your LED products via line voltage or your RGB color controller.

Dimmable Magnetic Transformers allow you to dim your 12 and 24VDC LED products on the line voltage side with a standard household dimmer. See details

RGB Color Controllers: Some controllers include a dimming function for your RGB LED products.  Some controllers have a seperate channel for white with a dimming channel. 

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