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LED Lighting Controls - LED Dimmers - Multiple Ways to Dim LED Lights

LED lights can be dimmed using low voltage dimmers, Reign® dimmers which work with an AC-DC transformer, Switchex® Dimmers with a self-contained power supply and dimmable magnetic transformers.

remote control dimmer

$39.00 includes controller and remote.

12-24VDC Remote Controlled Dimmer

Receiving controller
Power input DC12V-DC24V
Max Current load Max 3A ×3CH
Max Output power 108W/216W (12V/24V)
Compatible remote M1/M2/M3/M5/M6/M7
Working Temp. -30℃~55℃
Dimensions L135×W30×H20mm (5.3" x 1.2" x 0.8")

 Remote Control
Working voltage DC3V(Battery CR2032 )
Working Frequency 433.92 MHz
Remote Distance 40-50m
Working Temp. -20℃~55℃
Dimensions L104×W60×H9mm (4.1" x 2.4" x 0.35")

TONY LIKES IT :-) My name is Tony and I am the buyer for our controller line. I like the mini dimmer because it is easy to use and convenient. The installation is simple and can be done with just a screwdriver. The hand held remote is a radio frequency remote and can communicate with its base through walls and ceilings. The base itself is low profile and can be hidden in any tight spots so as not to be seen. The sleek handheld remote is a touch sensitive remote with a dimming wheel for the brightness of your choice, two quick dim/bright buttons, a 30 second delay off button and also functions as the on/off button. The controller can also be mounted on the wall or put in a convenient spot for easy access and use as well as operate multiple bases at one time. This controller can be used with any 12 or 24VDC light or fixture with dimming capabilities.

Reign® Dimmers

These dimmer switches work in conjunction with an AC-DC transformer (power supply). Works with 12 and 24V constant voltage white and colored LED lighting, not with RGB color changing LED products. You would choose an RGB color controller to dim your LED lights.

Reign Dimmers

100-5% dimming range with no flickering, humming or jumping 3 options: button slide, full slide and touch control (shown from left to right) Available in white and light almond. Face plate not included. Compatible with Decora plates Not compatible with dimmable magnetic transformers offered below. Input and output voltage: 12-24VDC. 100W maximum load. PWM. ETL Listed. 2 year warranty.

[ Guide for Button and Full Slide ] [ Guide for Touch ] [ Wire Size Guidelines ]

Order Button Slide Dimmer

$54.00 each; select light almond or white

Order Full Slide Dimmer

$54.00 each, select light almond or white

Order Touch Dimmer

$54.00 each, select light almond or white

Switchex® LED Dimmers

This is as simple as it gets - a dimmer and power supply rolled into one. Nothing else to purchase. Mounts in a standard switch box, accepts 120VAC and converts it to low voltage DC.

switchex led dimmers

120 VAC input 100-1% smooth dimming, no minimum load. No derating required. Power failure memory provides for Switchex to return to setting prior to power interruption. Each Switchex includes all three interior face plates: glossy white, glossy light almond, and glossy dark brown. Trim plates sold separately. cULus listed (Canada and the US); FCC approved, RoHS certified, CE certified. 5 year warranty.

[ Spec Sheet ] [ Wire Size Guidelines ]

Switchex for 12VDC LEDs

Select capacity, 40W (3.3A) or 60W (5A)

40W $189.00 60W $225.00

Switchex for 24VDC LEDs

Select Capacity, 60W (2.5A) or 100W (4.2A)

60W $243.00 100W $315.00

Switchex Trim Plates

Select Color

$5.50 each

Dimmable Magnetic Transformers

Substantial ETL listed transformers allow you to operate your dimmable 12VDC and 24VDC input LED products on the line voltage side with most standard dimmers. 5 year warranty.

dimmable magnetic transformers


60W 12VDC 5.26 Amps; 24V 2.4A

150W 12VDC 12.35 Amps; 24V 6.25A

200W 12VDC 15.6 Amps;

300W 12VDC; 20.8 Amps

12VDC Dimmable Magnetic Transformers

Priced below

24VDC Dimmable Magnetic Transformers

Priced below

Conventional Dimming on the Low Voltage Side

After about 25 years in business, the folks at Zane Controls have closed their doors. The two products directly below are on hand in limited quantity. If you have interest in this type of dimming, please order it now. These products will no longer be available.

Z-04600 12VDC Dimmer

12VDC dimmers

12VDC 4.0 Amp Dimmer with PWM - ADM-34-L-12V with wall plate features full range brightness and on/off function. Compact size and generates no RF interference. Rated for 4.0 amps at 12VDC. Includes wall plate which cannot be removed, screws, knob and lock nut. Made for single gang box. If you want to provide your own plate, order a mini-dimmer at right. No warranty. Spec Sheet


Z-16000 (24V)

12-24VDC mini dimmers

24VDC 8 Amp dimmer with PWM - AMD-48L-24V. This is a terriffic size for space limited installations such as lanterns and control boxes. Made for a single gang box. Includes knob and lock nut. You can then drill a hole in your choice of wall plates purchased locally. Requires a common Allen wrench (1/16" hex key) to remove knob, not included. No warranty. Spec Sheet.

Note: 12VDC Dimmer is Sold Out

remote control led dimmer

For the Bargain Hunters - Remote Control Dimmers while they last

Rated for 5 Amps at 12-24VDC input. 12vdc in; 12vdc out; 24vdc in, 24vdc out. Manually operated or controlled with included remote. 4.5" x 2.215" x 1.25" high. 1 year warranty. This item has been discontinued. Special pricing while they last

$29.95 each.

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