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Dimming LED Light Sources

In almost every living situation, we can use a lot of light for certain tasks but don’t want or need that level of brightness continuously. When selecting LED lighting, it is often practical to install the brightest lamp or fixture available and use dimming techniques.Dimming reduces the input voltage to the light source. It reduces the stress not only on the LEDs, but on the other lamp components. When a LED light burns out, typically the cause is failure of one of the electronic components and not failure of the LED itself. Not only do you achieve a pleasant atmosphere when you dim your lighting circuits. You achieve longer lamp life. Let us help you to think outside the box about dimming.

Dining areas:

This is the most common area we see dimmers installed. Family homes are multi-functional. At the dining table, children do homework, we take care of incoming mail and even work on craft projects. In those situations, we need a lot of light. In addition to a decorative light fixture or chandelier, it is practical to install recessed lighting in the room and control that separately from the lighting over the dining table. When we require high light levels for a project or even for cleaning, it is available. When we are enjoying a relaxing dinner, we can dim the lights to achieve that cozy atmosphere.


Good task lighting is critical in the kitchen. We handle all sorts of hot food, appliances and utensils. We chop, slice and dice with extremely sharp kitchen tools. A good lighting layout in a kitchen will include task lighting under cabinets, bright ceiling lighting in the form of recessed cans, and high lumen output lighting over breakfast bars and islands. All of those light sources can and should be dimmable. When the cooking and cleaning chores are accomplished for the evening, just imagine how pleasing your kitchen will look if you left just one of those light sources on at a low level. A soft glow provided by dimmed under cabinet lights is not only pleasant to view, it provides safety for those midnight visits to the fridge for a snack. Toe kick and strip lighting over kitchen cabinets can also be dimmed and left on all night for just pennies in electric consumption.


Especially if you have children, lighting in hallways is important for safety and that sense of security. But we simply do not need to use the full light output provided by ceiling fixtures at all times. You can also consider installing LED strip lighting along baseboards and dim that as well. A ‘runway’ of sorts can be created for children, those who may be visually impaired, or even for house guests to find their way to the bathroom.

Living and Family Rooms:

We spend a lot of time in these rooms and often, lighting is poorly selected and/or poorly controlled. Take some time to sit in your favorite chair and observe. What if you installed directional ceiling lighting to highlight that special painting? Would a strip or two of cove molding with accent lighting add so much more interest, form and ambiance? And when you are planning lighting for this important living space, sit where your guests will sit as well. What do they see? Is there too much distracting light somewhere in the room?


This is my favorite place to install dimmers. We require a lot of light in our bathrooms for applying makeup, shaving, bathing and cleaning. Yet there is nothing worse than waking up in the dark and flipping on a light switch at full brightness. Ouch! LED power consumption is so nominal, you could leave LED bathroom lights on at full brightness 24/7, but why would you want to? Then there is that beautiful deep tub ... When the children are having fun splashing and playing with tub toys, full brightness is required. But when we are enjoying a relaxing soak at the end of a long day, dim that fixture down.

You can dim lights anywhere and use remote controls and even your smart phone to set your living scenes. There is a LED dimmer suitable for every lighting task in the home. Let us help you to plan effective, enjoyable lighting throughout. Call us at 1-775-841-4490 or send an email to We’ll call you at a convenient time to discuss your particular needs.

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