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LED Lighting for Home Accents

Indoors or Outdoors, we have a large selection of LED lighting products for cabinets, mirrors, bars, patios, and architectural features

LED Lighting for a Porch

Courtesy of Merrit Adams

To light his gorgeous porch Merritt Adams used a few reels of our RGB flexible LED strip lighting. His RGB LED lights were placed inside the screen along the back wall. The multiple reels of RGB flexible LED strip are connected to a data repeater, making control over all the reels at once easy. The lights are also connected to a mini dimmer for a quick change in the mood. Merrit’s porch can be seen brightly illuminated in a number of different colors while lounging by the pool or sharing an evening cocktail.

Garden LED Lighting

Courtesy of Don Gamsjager

Don Gamsjager used our waterproof flexible LED strip in daylight white to decorate a customer’s backyard. Our waterproof LED lighting is water resistant but not submersible, making it ideal for outdoor projects around the garden or porch. Don placed the flexible LED strip inside amber cubes around a garden pathway. The cubes give off a warm glow to the surrounding garden area; great for evening path lighting. We can help you achieve lighting effects like this. Contact us.

Highlight Crown Molding with LEDs

Courtesy of Douglas Hamilton

Douglas Hamilton of South Carolina said, “I was weary of buying LEDs because of the undeserved reputation they had for being too blue and too dim”. After he ordered a few reels of our flexible LED light strip in daylight white to light his house he was impressed by the brightness and excellent color quality. He has placed the flexible LED strip lights around the crown molding of a white room where the bright, pure color of the lights brighten the room while accenting its shape. We were glad to successfully dispel these false rumors about LED lighting!

Dramatic Shelf Backlighting with LEDs

Courtesy of Ursache Constin

Ursache Constin wanted to illuminate his collection of beautiful glass sculptures placed in cabinetry around his television set. Constin decided to use a reel of our flexible LED light strip lighting in daylight white. Our LED lighting gives the clean, bright lighting needed to accent each sculpture’s different color and shape. Constin also connected his LED strip lighting to a low voltage dimmer so the light could be lowered while watching movies or television in the evening. Let us help accent your home decor. Contact us.

Bar Accent LED Lighting

Courtesy of Douglas Jetter

Douglas Jetter used our LED accent lighting to illuminate his stone bar and game table. The top part of the log frame was carved out to fit two 3 foot sections of our flexible LED light strip lighting. The light is in warm white, creating an inviting, bright light to play checkers or share a few drinks by into the evening.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

Courtesy of Steve Waclo

Local customer Steve Waclo in 2010 purchased our flexible LED light strip lighting to add accent LED lighting to his bathroom. He used the flexible LED strip to line the inside wooden frame of his bathroom mirror. The transformer is hidden behind the mirror and runs to the garage on the other side of the wall. The crisp, white light of the flexible LED strip lights give the bathroom a clean brightness, important in enclosed rooms like bathrooms and closets.

LEDs for those Awesome Recreational Spaces in the Home

Courtesy of Eric Regan

Color Changing Music Room: Eric Regan used our RGB flexible LED light strip to decorate a wall of guitars in his house. Connected to our audio controller, his lights dance to the music he creates. The flexible LED strip is mounted behind a dividing board in the center of the wall. Two strips under this board project LED light both upward and downward to two rows of guitars. Check out this short video to see Eric’s fun application in action.

Do you have a LED Home Accent Lighting Project Underway?

Our creative Staff can help

Our knowledgeable staff can help you to achieve many exciting, practical and fun effects with our LED lighting products.

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