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Why buy your LED products from

In the LED business since 1997, our staff understands how LED products came to be. We've grown with the industry from the beginning and aren't one of those 'me too, hop on the bandwagon' retailers. The first LED light bulbs we brought to the market were hand crafted in small factories, here in the USA. We still strive to support small US factories and offer such products here as well as mass produced product.

We stock only first quality LED products, and everything we offer is subjected to the strictest pre-sale evaluation testing. Things like color uniformity and top quality components are important to us. What good is a LED that will last thousands of hours if the end product is built with cheap components that will wear out in no time?

Here at we stand behind what we sell. We stock everything you need to complete your project from the LED product itself to dimmers, transformers, 4 wire cable, shrink tube for waterproofing when necessary, and other aids that make your installation go smoothly and easily. Instructions are shipped with most products and are also available on our website. Of course, our staff is here to help by phone or email if ever you have a question. the led light store.

Our showroom and warehouse is located at 511 Fairview Drive, Carson City, Nevada. If you are local, please stop in. Inside, you'll not only be able to see and touch the latest LED products, but you'll also find quality ceiling fans, chandeliers, vanity lighting, pendants, mirrors, and many other products for updating and redecorating your home or business. We've carefully selected light fixtures from several vendors which will easily accommodate energy saving LED light bulbs.

We've seen pricing come down and performance go up. Today, relamping with LED bulbs is economical both from a standpoint of initial cost and energy savings that pile up over the years to come. Our light fixture and ceiling fan offerings can be seen here. We believe it's in your best interest to purchase standard fixtures with standard lamp bases so you aren't stuck with hot, energy gobbling halogen lamps or mercury containing fluorescents. You may also enjoy reading Joel's blog on that website. He is just full of tips and information pertaining to things like maintenance, light color and how it affects the color of the glass, placement of fixtures and the latest ideas in lighting in general.

If you're new to LED lighting, that's all the more reason to make your purchase from an experienced company. We can help you to choose the right product for the job. Sometimes the cheapest solutions aren't the best and we can tell you why. Other times, a less costly product will do a job just as well as a more expensive product. We'll tell you that as well.

Our mission is to serve you well and retain your business year after year. For the experienced, we work closely with many volume purchasers such as contractors, electricians, lighting designers, architects, builders, OEM's, trade show professionals and corporations. Please allow us quote on your next project.

Thank you for coming to today. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you. If you have questions or need assistance, you can call us at (775-841-4490) or email us or use our customer service "call me back" form.