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Rechargeable Battery Pack


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Quick overview

Rechargeable Battery Pack

3800 mAh and 6800 mAh rechargeable battery packs


Select 3800mAh $49.50




12VDC Rechargeable Battery Packs for LED Lights

When you need to operate your LED lights with a battery pack for long periods of time, a 12VDC rechargeable battery pack is the solution


Portavolt™ 3800mAh and 6800mAh 12VDC Battery Packs

When you need portable power, a battery pack is oftentimes the answer. Great for portable displays, cycles, costumes, table decorations, and perimeter lighting for art projects. The battery will charge up to 98% full capacity in only one hour. It features an integrated on/off switch. Includes lithium-ion battery pack, charger adapter, and a male-to-male DC extension Cable. How long your battery pack will last depends on the current draw of the LED product you are powering.

General Specifications:

Adapter input: 110-240VAC
Battery output: 10.8 to 12.6VDC
Capacity: 2A/24W for both the 3800mAh and 6800mAh models
Dimensions: Battery Box 3.7" x 2.4" x 1.1"

How long will it last? Let's say you are powering 1 meter of 30 LPM flexible LED strip. Current draw is 600mA

For the 3800mAh pack, divide 3800 by 600 = 6.33 hours
For the 6800mAh pack, divide 6800 by 600 = 11.33 hours