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MicroStar LED Fixture


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Quick overview

LED Microstars

Low voltage single LED landscape lights for a star-like effect. White and colors.


LED MicroStar™ LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures - Waterproof LED Lighting

Tiny LED lights in white and colors and color and interest to your landscape or anywhere you need a punch of light.

LED MicroStar™ Indoor or Outdoor Waterproof White LED Landscape Lights

are ideal for interior and exterior architectural accenting, landscaping, marine, aquacultural or horticultural uses. The full moon brilliance is ideal for energy conservation, directed lighting, mood lighting or for light in an emergency situation. It does not generate heat allowing its use in water, near plants or human touch. See photos for ideas on applications.

Colors: White, Red, Blue, Red, Green and Amber-Orange


MicroStar LED Landscaping Lights have a 5/16" wide flanged top for flush mounting (left image) with or without the gasket acting as the "lock nut". It can also be set into a 3/8" diameter hole with the gasket pressed in the hole, then pressing the MicroStar LED Landscaping Light into the gasket. The MicroStar LED Landscaping Light can also be glued in place when there is insufficient material thickness to use the gasket as a "lock nut"

Measures: 1/4" diameter shank x 7/8" overall height with a 5/16" wide flanged top
Grommet: 1/4" ID x 1/2" OD; 3/8" Groove; removable
Nichia white LED: One 3mm; 35 degree; 2200mcd.
Lead Wire: 24" long
Power consumption: 20mA/.33 watts @12VDC; will operate within 8 to 15VDC. Requires an AC to DC transformer to operate off of 120VAC household current
Activation: manual on/off switches; timer; 12VDC dimmer/on-off combination switch (not included)
Notes: These LEDs with a 35 degree beam angle will generate a 15 inch light circle 2 feet away. It will have a 22.5 inch light circle at 3 feet away. Recommended cable is a 2 wire 22 gauge shielded cable for out door installations. Interior installations can use 22 gauge single wire, one color for positive and another for ground, or speaker wire. Multiple MicroStars are wired in parallel.
Factory Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser - save your receipt.
NOT dimmable