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1 LED Bullet Light, 12VDC


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Quick overview

Single LED Bullet Style

Bullet type single LED lights are

pre-wired for 12 VDC.

White, amber, red, blue and green.

Made in the USA with pride.


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  • Single LED Bullet Lights, Made in the USA

    Pre-wired single 12VDC LED lights in white, red, blue, green and amber


    Pre-wired single LED bullet lights are ideal for many applications. 12VDC input.

    Use in ceilings for a starry night effect, as indicator lights, in curios, cabinets and shelves to light up figurines or as a highlight under crystal pieces. Great for holiday wreathes and crafts too.

    There is nothing to installation. Hook the two wires up to a regulated 12VDC output AC-DC transformer or one of our battery packs, plug it in, and vloila! Light. 

    Made in the USA


    Input Voltage: Regulated 12VDC. 11.6-12.3VDC Maximum. Over-voltage will burn the LED
    Current rating: 20mA
    Power consumption: 0.25 watt
    Operating Ambient Temperature -40 F to 150F. Dry location only.
    Luminous Intensity: 6500 mcd, 1 watt, 40 lumens (variable as to color used)
    Through hole mount - may be pressure fitted from back side of drywall or plywood. Brass base.
    Dimensions: hole size 0.250" (1/4"); base diameter is tapered 0.246-0.251; overall length 0.812"; base length: 0.455" ; about 6" wire leads


    If using with auto/marine or 12VDC lead acid batteries you must use a 12VDC voltage regulatorDo not apply more than 12.3VDC. Doing so will burn the LED.
    Not intended for constant 24/7 use unless timed or pulsed via PWM. This can be accomplished by using a Zane PWM dimmer in the circuit.
    90 day warranty