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RGB LED Sign Modules


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Quick overview

RGB Modules for Narrow Channel Letters or outdoor LED Lighting Applications
.72 watts per module
Waterproof (IP68)

10 modules: $29.50 (600mA)

20 modules: $55.00 (1200mA)

40 modules: $100.00 (2400mA)


Versatile RGB Color Changing LED Sign Modules

Use a color rotation, or easily change your color to suit the season without changing the LED Modules
RGB modules can be used to provide an interesting effect of various colors rotating on a continual basis or set at a solid color. Easy to change the look and feel of the environment using your color controller. No need to decide whether you want to use red, green, blue or purple. You simply change the color to suit your mood. RGB sign modules use a red, blue and green chip in each LED. Combining those basic colors allows you to achieve many, many variations.


Voltage 12 VDC
Power Consumption 0.72W
Current 60mA
Viewing Angle (Deg) 125/160/125
Weight (Oz) 0.25
Operation Temp. (F) -22~158
Storage Temp. (F) -40~167
Water Proof IP68
Length (inch) 2-53/64
Width (inch)  19/32
Height (inch)   5/16 
Wire Length (inch) 3-15/16
Length of 50 Modules (ft) 35.1