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EZ Connectors


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Quick overview

5050 Waterproof Flexible LED Strips - 5050 Waterproof Flexible LED Ribbon Light in White and RGB

30 LED Per Meter and 60 LED per meter

Two wire connectors are for white flexible strip. Four wire connectors are for RGB flexible strip.

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Premium quality, waterproof flexible strip is available in daylight white, warm white, or RGB color changing.

Daylight White and Warm White flexible LED strips shown lit. Due to web rendering, color may not be exact. Comes with one connector attached to one end of the reel and 8 mounting clips. Available in standard 30LPM and double density 60 LPM reels.

RGB Flexible LED strip has a four wire connection: red, green, blue and common. White flexible LED strip has a two wire connection. Couplers are for connecting two pieces close together. There are two types of connectors: the EZ snap connectors or our Pro Grade connectors. With a smaller footprint, the Pro Grade are easier to work with inside the waterproof sleeve. Single connectors, double connectors and couplers are available in both EZ snap versions and Pro Grade.

The best method of connecting waterproof runs is to solder your leads. If you cannot do that, instructions for using connectors with shrink tube are here.

You receive 8 mounting clips and one attached connector with each reel. You do not need anything else if you do not intend to make field cuts. If you are going to cut, you will find end caps, mounting clips and silicone sealant below.

RGB color changing flexible LED strip also requires a color controller.

We have several to choose from: remote control, no remote control, and even wall mounted RGB controllers

Check out our Installation Accessories Department. Here you will find shrink tube and 4 wire cable which will make your installation much easier. And of course, we're always here to help.

Common Specifications

  • First quality; no cheap component substitutes
  • Dimensions: 12mm wide by 4mm tall by 5 meters long. Approximately 16' per reel.
  • Sold by the full reel only.
  • LEDS: 120 degree view angle, 5500-6500K Daylight White; 3000-3500K Warm White; RGB: Red 600-630nM; Green 500-530nM; Blue 600-610nM
  • IP Rating: IP64. Waterproof but not submersible
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC.
  • Requires a transformer, not included. RGB flexible LED strip also requires a color controller, not included.
  • Optimum Working Temperature: -10° to 50 ° C (14° to 122° F)
  • Warranty: 2 years

30 LPM Specifics


  • 30 LEDs per meter/150 LEDs per reel.
  • Lumens: 350 lumens per meter (warm white); 480-520 lumens per meter (daylight white)
  • Cuttable every 3 LEDs. Each 3 LED segment measures 100 mm or 4 " long.
  • Current Consumption: 3,000mA for a full reel. (36W)

60 LPM Specifics


  • 60 LEDs per meter/300 LEDs per reel
  • Lumens: 700 lumens per meter (warm white) 960-1040 lumens per meter (daylight white)
  • Cuttable every 3 LEDs. Each 3 LED segment measures 50mm or 2" long.
  • Current Consumption: 6,000 mA for a full reel (72W).